Monday, February 29, 2016

GORED (2015) hits home video tomorrow

I saw GORED last year at Tribeca and was really impressed. This excellent little film. It was one of the best at Tribeca. Sadly it got lost in the shuffle. With the 100 or so feature films screening  at Tribeca this film was never one that got talked about after the festival ended, and that's a major shame since this  portrait of a man engaged in a dying art is truly something special. Its a film that sucks you in and drags you along. Its a film that makes you care about Antonio Barerra even if you are an animal lover because there is something about the man that demands your respect (even if you suspect he's crazy). Now with the film coming out on home video tomorrow you too can discover the wonders of this great film.  Here's my  review from Tribeca in the hope of getting you to see it:

Let me begin with two warnings. If you are easily grossed out stay away, the nastiness in this film will make you wince. Additionally if you are an animal lover stay away since this portrait of a dying sport will make you angry. Also be aware I'm not going to talk about the morality of bullfighting. I'm not going to discuss the cruelty of it. I'm just going to talk about the film.

GORED is a portrait of bullfighter Antonio Barerra, a man best known as the most gored bullfighter ever. We watch as Barrera prepares for his final bull fight and we look back over his life.

Biography meets hypnotic journey this portrait of a man in danger sucks you in and drags you along. The early portion of the film which involves a lot of talking heads gives way to the second half footage of Barerra's fights. The fight footage is filled with both the wounds that Barerra suffered but also the beauty of bullfighting. Knowing full well that I may get brick bats thrown at me I have to say that there is a beauty in the motion of the matador dancing with the bull. Partly it's the suit, partly its the motion of the human body and partly its the metaphor of man and nature that makes it something hypnotic to watch.

I really liked this film a great deal. There is something about the experience of seeing this film and how it portrays a fading way of life that is truly special. While animal lovers are going to have problems with a film that portrays a man who kills animals for a living as noble, the film is ultimately extremely compelling.

Actually in thinking about it I don't know really how to discuss the film, My reaction to the film is not intellectual but emotional. Looking at my notes I found that there is a great deal not said in the film, yet at the same time the film is much more compelling than many other more detailed films. The imagery and the few words in the film are enough to create a unique and emotional experience.

Definitely one of the better films at this years Tribeca. Its recommended for anyone with an interest.

GORED be available on BluRay/DVD, as well as, digitally released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu, throughout North America, Latin America, Spain and the United Kingdom on March 1, 2016.

For those wanting more on the film - Hubert reviewed the film last year for Ruby Hornet and his thoughts can be found here.

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