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The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Announces Thrilling First Wave

Can Evrenol’s HOUSEWIFE to open, festival to offer showcase on Mexican Horror with new Fear In Focus program, and more!

2017 poster designed by Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Abbott.

Wendesday, August 16th - The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival returns to New York City October 12th till the 15th, bringing with it more ghouls and ghosts than ever before. BHFF is proud to present more than twice as many feature films as last year and is thrilled to announce the first wave of the line-up, which boasts exciting films, dynamic events and more venues, expanding the festival’s activities. “This year we’ve grown to a four-day festival and are very excited to be extending our reach to audiences beyond North Brooklyn, into Downtown Brooklyn and Crown Heights,” says fest director Justin Timms. “Starting with our opening night at the new Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Brooklyn we’ve also added Nitehawk Cinema, LIU Kumble Theater, Film Noir Cinema & Video Revival this year to go along with our key theaters from last year Wythe Hotel Cinema, Videology Bar & Cinema and Spectacle Theater.”

“If our debut year’s program in 2016 focused on trying to push horror’s boundaries and challenge the genre’s preconceptions, then our 2017 edition is that mission both amplified and perfected,” says senior programmer Matt Barone. “We looked all around the globe for the most unique and boldest horror, and what we’ve assembled proves that the genre is in an incredible place right now. Some films, like the hilarious millennial takedown TRAGEDY GIRLS and Germany’s hypnotic and complex HAGAZUSSA, cleverly subvert the familiar genre tropes; others, like Argentina’s powerful CLEMENTINA and Portugal's Haneke-like THE FOREST OF LOST SOULS, are amazingly singular. This year’s program is really something special.”


Opening the festival is the North American Premiere of HOUSEWIFE, the newest film from director Can Evrenol who showed immense promise with his brutal 2015 breakthrough BASKIN. Sponsored by Birth.Movies.Death and taking place at the Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn, HOUSEWIFE tells the tale of a woman - haunted by a horrific childhood incident - who struggles with separating her nightmares from reality after she meets a charismatic psychic with a secret agenda. With this hypnotic and gruesome ode to Bava-esque Italian horror, Evrenol solidifies himself as one of horror’s most exciting new voices. Director Can Evrenol will be in attendance at the BHFF screening.
Followed by a special party at the Alamo’s one-of-a-kind venue, the House of Wax with DJ Witchboard aka Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD) and sponsored by Coney Island Brewery.


This year BHFF is thrilled to present our inaugural FEAR IN FOCUS program! Fear in Focus is our way of shining a spotlight on various themes or ideas that are important today. With the current political and global climate, we’re beyond excited to launch this with our excellent Mexican horror program - no wall crossing required.

FEAR IN FOCUS: MEXICO is proud to showcase the hotly anticipated North American Premiere of horror anthology follow-up MEXICO BARBARO 2. If you thought MEXICO BARBARO was gnarly, wait until you get a load of this crazier and wonderfully unhinged follow-up, helmed by an all-new line-up of on-the-rise Mexican horror voices and touching on cannibalism, porn, and historical demons. Segment director Sergio Tello will be in attendance.

Also in the block is the US Premiere of VERONICA, the erotically charged mystery with echoes of early Polanski by directors Carlos Algara & Alejandro Martinez Beltran in which a twisted battle for psychological dominance ensues between a retired psychologist and her patient whom she treats in her isolated home in the woods.

Not to be missed is the East Coast Premiere of Victor Dryere’s genuinely unnerving found footage film 1974 which reveals the bizarre and terrifying fate of a missing young couple through a collection of 8 mm tapes and home movies. A much-needed shot in the arm for a tired horror style, Dryere’s film deserves mention alongside found-footage gems like [REC] and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.


BHFF is also excited to announce an additional five competition features, starting with Tyler MacIntyre’s highly acclaimed TRAGEDY GIRLS, co-presented by Nitehawk Cinema!

Status obsession has a body count when BFFs Sadie (Brianna Hildebrand, DEADPOOL’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead) and McKayla (Alexandra Shipp, X-MEN APOCALYPSE’s Storm) capture a serial murderer whose exploits they’ve been chronicling on their blog. How do they keep the slaughter spree going so they have more to report on? The answers are both giggly and grisly in a film also featuring a fun supporting turn by comedy big-timer (and producer) Craig Robinson.

Festival fans may remember Graham Skipper, star of last year’s Audience Award Winning BEYOND THE GATES, who now returns to BHFF to share his directorial debut, SEQUENCE BREAK, a surreal, absorbing homage to the body-horror cinema and video games of the ’80s. Chase Williamson plays an arcade-game repairman who finds love with a customer (Fabianne Therese) and terror from a mysterious game with a lot more powering it than pixels. Director Graham Skipper will be in attendance for the screening.

Surrounded by heightened paranoia and superstition, an evil presence threatens a mother and her infant child in the Alps of 15th century Austria in HAGAZUSSA - A HEATHEN’S CURSE. Is this ancient malevolence an outside force or a product of her psychosis? With stunningly gorgeous photography and atmosphere for days, Lukas Fiegelfeld’s gothic horror fever dream illustrates the dangers associated with dark beliefs and the infestation of fear.

A young woman traumatized by a savage attack from her husband begins to hear voices in her apartment. CLEMENTINA, Jimena Monteoliva’s solo directorial debut expertly builds tension, maintaining a sense of unease from the start that creeps higher until the frightening and suffocating shocker of a third act. Cecilia Cartasegna delivers with a classically terrifying portrait of a woman on the edge. Lead actress Cecilia Cartasegna and screenwriter Diego Fleischer will be in attendance for the screening.

Take a stroll into despair with the East Coast Premiere of José Pedro Lopes THE FOREST OF LOST SOULS, as two suicidal strangers explore the dark woods together, looking for the best spot to commit suicide all the while debating, what’s the best way to kill yourself? It soon becomes clear that one person isn’t who they say they are. This Portuguese black-and-white-shot nightmare is a unique and disturbing modern take on the slasher film.


Clear your calendars of all satanic rituals and ghosts summoning this Friday the 13th, cause we got you covered with a FRIDAY THE 13TH Mini-Marathon at Videology! Take a trip to Camp Crystal Lake and enjoy films one through four of the series in all their cutting, gutting, hacking and whacking glory while sipping our themed "Crystal Lake" cocktail.


To start off our 2017 STAGE FRIGHTS program we’re pleased to announce two of this year’s live events where our panels of experts will be dissecting fear with sharp wit, whether they’re intoxicated or not.


Even the best slasher villain has a better half — a final girl. Final girls are a crucial part of the horror ecosystem, but which one is the best? Which is the funniest? And which has the most questionable taste in weapons? Come hear horror experts make the case for everyone from Jamie Lee Curtis in HALLOWEEN to Neve Campbell in SCREAM to Sigourney Weaver in ALIEN.

Participants: Aja Romano (Vox), Kristen Kim (GQ/Village Voice/Vice), Hazel Cills (Jezebel), and Teo Bugbee (Daily Beast).

Hosted by Eric Thurm (The Guardian/GQ/The A.V. Club), Drunk Education (the show formerly known as Drunk TED Talks) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: writers/comics/artists make slideshows about stuff they're really into, get drunk, and deliver them. Whether it's the horniness of St. Augustine, the history of mansplaining relayed through the plot of Love Actually, or the way teen girl organizers could have prevented the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Drunk Ed has you covered.

To celebrate the release of Canadian micro-publisher Spectacular Optical’s new book about French fantastique filmmaker Jean Rollin, the book’s curator and editor Samm Deighan will be on hand to introduce a special screening of Rollin’s 1971 LE FRISSON DES VAMPIRES, recently restored in HD by Kino Lorber.
LOST GIRLS is the first book about the director to be written entirely by women critics, scholars, and film historians. This collection of essays covers the wide range of Rollin’s career from 1968’s LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE through his 2010 swansong, LE MASQUE DE LA MÉDUSE, touching upon his horror, fantasy, crime and sex films—including many lesser seen titles. Before the film, Samm will give a brief introduction examining Rollin’s core themes: his focus on overwhelmingly female protagonists, his use of horror genre and exploitation tropes, his reinterpretations of the fairy tale and fantastique, the influence of crime serials, Gothic literature, the occult and more.
Copies of this 436-page tome with over 400 illustrations — many of them rare and in full colour will be available to pick up at the event.

2017 Features Jury
Ashlee Blackwell - Owner of Graveyard Shift Sisters, genre journalist
Phil Nobile Jr. - Editor-at-Large Birth.Movies.Death, documentary filmmaker
Joshua Rothkopf - Time Out New York Global Deputy Film Editor, teacher at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies,  

2017 Shorts Jury
Kier-La Janisse - Owner/Artistic Director of Spectacular Optical Publications, founder of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, writer and film programmer
Graham Skipper - Actor, Dir. of SEQUENCE BREAK
Jenn Wexler - Glass Eye Pix Director/Producer

More features, events and short films to be announced in Wave Two!

Badges are on sale now at
Individual tickets will be on sale September 7th!

About the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival:

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (BHFF) is a competitive international film festival showing nothing short of the best in badass genre film. In addition to the screenings, we have parties, Q&A’s with filmmakers, panels, events, food & drinks and more. The directors of BHFF are committed to celebrating the art of horror filmmaking and are focused on pushing horror’s boundaries to challenge the genre’s preconceptions.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (BHFF), will take place on the weekend of October 13th screening feature films and short films that represent filmmakers from around the world.

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Milwaukee Film Announces Return of Cine Sin Fronteras Program

Milwaukee Film Announces Return of Cine Sin Fronteras Program
Latinx diaspora program expanded after successful inaugural year

MILWAUKEE – Thursday, August 17, 2017 – The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by Associated Bank, is excited to announce the return of Cine Sin Fronteras after the program’s successful launch last year. Showcasing the rich and vibrant Latinx diaspora from around the world, the program has grown to include seven feature films and the new shorts program CSF Shorts: Menos es Más.

The films come from eight different countries and include Carpinteros (Woodpeckers), the first Dominican film to screen at the Sundance Film Festival; Chavela, a portrait documentary chronicling the dramatic career of legendary singer Chavela Vargas; and Dolores, a documentary exploring the extraordinary life of one of America’s most important labor activist.

“We are excited for another year of showing the untold stories of our local Chicanx/Latinx and immigrant communities through the beauty of film,” states Jeanette Martín, Cine Sin Fronteras co-programmer. “From the male-dominated world of Mexican rancheras to the labor movement, films like Chavela and Dolores give us an opportunity to uplift our own local stories of women who have been in the front lines of community mobilization and transformation.”

Cine Sin Fronteras co-programmer, Claudia Guzmán, states, “This year's films are all about passion. They're about people with dreams and the perseverance to pursue them: Dolores Huerta organizing the farmworkers' movement, Chavela Vargas and the Divinas Divas challenging gender norms in the performance arts, the Carpinteros falling in love without language, and Esteban, who learned to play piano when he was supposed to be helping his mother sell sundries on the street.”
A Cine Sin Fronteras Kickoff Party, presented by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, will take place on Thursday, September 21. The event is free and open to the public. Noche de Nostalgia, a tribute party to Chavela Vargas featuring a DJ set by Chulita Vinyl Club, will take place during the festival on Friday, October 6. Both events will take place at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.
The Cine Sin Fronteras program is sponsored by Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) and Telemundo Wisconsin.

The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival will take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre, Landmark Downer Theatre, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill, Times Cinema, and Avalon Theater from September 28th to October 12th. Festival Passes and ticket 6-Packs are now on sale at

Cine Sin Fronteras Facebook:

Carpinteros (Woodpeckers)
(Dominican Republic / 2017 / Director: José María Cabral)
A love story unlike any other - prisoners in the Dominican Republic's Najayo prison, separated by concrete, barbed wire, and hundreds of yards, falling for one another without ever speaking a word between them. Dubbed 'woodpeckers' for the created language of hand signals that allows men and women to bridge this physical divide (100% real, by the way), star-crossed lovers Julian and Yanelly pursue love despite guards, worsening conditions, and a murderous ex that remains on the inside. Verite grit combines with sensual performances to make Carpinteros a pulse-pounding romantic delight.

(USA / 2017 / Directors: Catherine Gund, Daresha Kyi)
If you've yet to acquaint yourself with the iconoclastic, stereotype-defying career of singer Chavela Vargas, prepare yourself for a documentary that ensures you will never forget her journey from fame to alcohol-fueled obscurity and back again. Taking the masculine world of Mexico's ranchera music by storm with her unmistakable voice (fiercely passionate and deeply moving) while challenging gender norms with her mode of dress and stage presentation (with partners such as Frida Kahlo), Chavela's singular personality is given proper tribute by this riveting and soulful portrait.

CSF Shorts: Menos es Más
El Buzo (México / 2015 / Director: Esteban Arrangoiz)
Hermanas En Ruedas (USA / 2017 / Director: Amberly Alene Ellis)
Leche (USA / 2015 / Director: Gabriella A. Moses)
La Madre Buena (México / 2016 / Director: Sarah Clift)
El Maquinador (Argentina / 2015 / Director: Pablo Latorre)
Otro Corto (Puerto Rico / 2016 / Director: Heixan Robles)
Undesirables (USA / 2016 / Director: Angela Rosales Challis)

Divinas Divas
(Brazil / 2016 / Director: Leandra Leal)
In 1960's Brazil, the iconic first generation of drag queens took the stage at the Rival Theatre, one of the only venues that gave shelter to these performers, many of whom became famous the world over. 50 years later, eight of these magnificent drag performers are returning to the Rival for a cabaret curtain call, a celebration of those that helped challenge gender norms and smash gender roles in a repressive society, in this ravishing documentary filled with show-stopping performance and tender insight.

(USA / 2017 / Director: Peter Bratt)
Dolores Huerta is the most important activist in American history that you've never heard of. An equal partner alongside Cesar Chavez in organizing the first farmworkers unions (eventually becoming the UFW), Huerta fought ceaselessly to protect the rights of jornaleros, mujeres, and all whom those in power would seek to exploit. Even at the age of 87, she remains a stridently feminist, uncompromising firebrand. Combining archival footage with unprecedented intimate access, Dolores finally gives this titan of American activism the tribute she so richly deserves.

(Cuba / 2016 / Director: Jonal Cosculluela)
Nine-year-old Esteban ekes out an existence with his single mother on the streets of Havana, but he dreams of a brighter future thanks to his natural affinity for music. When a cantankerous old piano instructor makes his way into the young boy's life, Esteban looks to seize this opportunity even if it means going against his mother's wishes. A winning portrait of perseverance with an absurdly charming performance at its center, Esteban is a story for anyone who believes in the power of music to change one's life.

Extra Terrestres
(Puerto Rico / Venezuela / 2016 / Director: Carla Cavina)
Teresa, returning to her Puerto Rican home after seven years away studying astrophysics, has picked the worst possible time to come out by revealing her impending nuptials to her traditional family: Their poultry business is under attack from unscrupulous government officials and rival companies, while her sister struggles to reign in her precocious young son's constant experimentation around the house. Cosmic interludes combine with intimate family drama to form a winning portrait of life and love that is literally out of this world.

El Sueño de Mara'akame
(México / 2016 / Directors: Federico Cecchetti)
While Nieri, a young native Huichol, sees his impending trip to Mexico City with his father as an opportunity to perform alongside friends in their beloved rock band, his dad has other ideas - he's a Mara'akame, a Huichol shaman, and cultural tradition stipulates Nieri to undergo a spiritual journey in order to follow in his footsteps. Once in the big city, Nieri must settle the struggle between modernity and indigeneity in order to find himself in this eye-opening glimpse into the Huichol traditions.

About Milwaukee Film
Milwaukee Film is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to entertaining, educating, and engaging our community through cinematic experiences. This year’s 15-day film festival takes place September 28 - October 12. Discounted passes and ticket 6-packs are available now at For more information, visit us online at

Facebook: | Twitter: @mkefilm | Instagram: @mkefilm

About the Milwaukee Film Board of Directors
Milwaukee Film’s independent board is made up of the following members: Chris Abele (Past President); John P. Bania; Donna Baumgartner; Karen Ellenbecker; Jeff Fitzsimmons; Alexander P. Fraser (President); Cecelia Gore; Bill Haberman (Past President); Carmen Haberman; Susan Haise; Katie Heil; Patti Keating Kahn; Michael G. Klein; Michael J. Koss Jr.; Tracey L. Klein (Immediate Past President); Kenneth C. Krei; Mary Ann LaBahn; Alexander Lasry; Steve Laughlin (Past President); Emilia Layden; Marianne Lubar; Sara Meaney; Steve Mech; Barry Poltermann; Bob Pothier; John Ridley; Joseph A. Rock; Ramona Rogers-Windsor; Lacey Sadoff; Dave Stamm; Julia Taylor; John Utz. Emeritus members: Tom Barrett, Jacqueline Strayer.

DOC NYC Pro Passes on sale now

DOC NYC has revealed details of its 8-day PRO conference, featuring documentary panels and master classes, including an expanded initiative to support works-in-progress with a section called “Only in New York.” Organizations participating in the PRO conference include A&E IndieFilmsAmazon StudiosDiscoveryFirelight MediaFord Foundation | JustFilmsHBO Documentary FilmsImpact PartnersKickstarterNetflixShowtime Documentary Films, and more. The PRO conference will take place concurrently with the festival on November 9-16.

Each day of DOC NYC PRO is organized around a specific aspect of the business and craft of documentary filmmaking:

November 9 – First Time Doc Maker Day – addressing fundamentals in production, funding and distribution.

November 10 – Short List Day – featuring directors of the 15 films picked by DOC NYC programmers as the year’s leading awards contenders.

November 11 – Mastering Your Craft: Editing – spanning multiple elements of the process including structure, sound design, archives, and writing.

November 12 – Mastering Your Craft: Cinematography – focusing on creative and technological trends in camerawork.

November 13 – Pitch Perfect Day – six work-in-progress documentaries pitch before panels of industry leaders to gain support in financing, distribution and mentorship.

November 14 – Smart Producing Day – covering changes in distribution, audience engagement and measuring impact.

November 15 – Show Me the Money Day – covering grants, equity, crowdfunding and maximizing revenue.

November 16 – Documentary Law School – examining the latest legal thinking on controversial topics, filmmakers’ rights, Fair Use, and more.

New in 2017, the festival will offer First Half (November 9-12) and Second Half(November 13-16) passes that present economical options to access the PRO conference in addition to the Full (November 9-16) pass or One-Day passes.
Make the most of your festival experience with a DOC NYC pass. Passes can be purchased online through the individual links below. Starting October 10, passes can also be purchased at the IFC Center box office (323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street, open daily 10:30am-10:00pm). Online purchasers will receive an email with additional details, including pick-up, redemption and other information, within two business days.

DOC NYC ALL ACCESS PASS (Early Bird: $650.00) Binge on everything at DOC NYC and skip the box-office lines! The All Access Pass lets holders explore all festival films, panels and events, including all the benefits of a DOC NYC PRO pass, with PRO lounge access, filmmaker and industry breakfasts and happy hours. All Access passholders bypass the lines at screenings and events for a wait-free DOC NYC experience.
Early Bird pricing of $650 valid through Sept 21, while supplies last.
Normal price: $750
Note: Only a limited number of All Access Passes will be available. The All Access Pass is valid for one person per event, but is transferable between individuals. The All Access pass does not include the Visionaries Tribute lunch. 

DOC NYC PRO PASS (Early Bird: $300) Grants access to the eight-day lineup of DOC NYC PRO panels and events November 9-16 at Cinepolis Chelsea, including breakfasts and happy hours, access to the PRO Lounge, rush access to weekday matinee film screenings, and additional free festival screenings to be announced. Does not include Visionaries Tribute. Note: Only a limited number of DOC NYC PRO Passes will be available. The DOC NYC PRO Pass is valid for one person and is not transferable.
Early Bird pricing of $300 valid through Sept 21, while supplies last.
Normal Price: $350 

DOC NYC PRO: FIRST HALF PASS (Early Bird: $160) Grants access to DOC NYC PRO panels and events from November 9-12 at Cinepolis Chelsea, including breakfasts and happy hours, plus access to the PRO Lounge, a meeting and networking space. Does not include Visionaries Tribute. Note: Only a limited number of DOC NYC PRO: First Half Passes will be available. The DOC NYC PRO: First Half Pass is valid for one person and is not transferable.
Early Bird pricing of $160 valid through Sept 21, while supplies last.
Normal Price: $200

DOC NYC PRO: SECOND HALF PASS (Early Bird: $160) Grants access to DOC NYC PRO panels and events from November 13-16 at Cinepolis Chelsea, including breakfasts and happy hours, plus access to the PRO Lounge, a meeting and networking space. Does not include Visionaries Tribute. Note: Only a limited number of DOC NYC PRO: Second Half Passes will be available. The DOC NYC PRO: Second Half Pass is valid for one person and is not transferable.
Early Bird pricing of $160 valid through Sept 21, while supplies last.
Normal Price: $200

To purchase passes, click here.
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