Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Limbo (2023) hits theaters and VOD Friday

Two cops in Hong Kong chase down a serial killer killing women and collecting left hands.

This is a great film. Bleak, black and dripping with mood, it’s a film that echoes the darkest moments of films like SEVEN, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and ZODIAC, but without any hint of levity. Watching LIMBO you have descended into the lowest depth of hell and you can’t escape.

The first thing you notice with the cinematography. The monochromatic images of light and shadow pop. They aren’t really Black and white, but black and muted silver. It’s so stark and arresting it influences everything in the film. It is as big a character as the ones portrayed by the actors. It’s so key to the film that if this had been shot in color LIMBO would not have been even half as good. (Honestly this film should be put into the Oscar mix because I don’t think any film I’ve seen this year not only looks this good or had images that are this important to the success of the film.)

This film will depress you in the best sort of a way. It’s a film where you can feel the goodness sucked from the souls of the people on screen. We are in the realm of broken people and it hurts. The classic film noir films have nothing on this film.

I absolutely loved this film. I really wish I had seen it on a truly huge screen where I could get lost in the images. As it is this is one of the best crime thrillers of seen in the last few years.

A must see.

Before The Sunset (2023)

BEFORE THE SUNSET is a small gem of a film. It doesn’t really do anything we haven’t seen before but it does it extremely well and keeps us connected for its entire running time.

The film concerns Kazunori a once mighty man of business now living in a nursing home. While out on a walk he tells Asuka, his caregiver about his life and how he never had time for a family.  She wishes that he could get what his heart desires. He wishes to be 20 again, and he is suddenly 20, back in college and with a desire to help Asuka get over a broken heart.

Sweet little film about seizing life and enjoying what it gives you. It’s a lovely film filled with great characters that you fall in love with. Normally I would have passed on this film but it arrived when I was hip deep in very serious fall festival films and it acted as the perfect palette cleanse. It was a lovely reconnect to the world of real people and not highbrow cinema artists.

Is this the greatest film ever? No but it never was supposed to be. It was supposed to just be a sweet little tale that makes you feel and reconnect with life and as that this film is gangbusters.


A Silence (2023) San Sebastian 2023

A family implodes in the wake of a scandal.

Beautifully shot and achingly acted film should have been one of the best films of the year but an obtuse and telling and a refusal to be clear on details until the second half of the film makes this largely a time waster.

The write up simply says it"revolves around Astrid , the wife of an acclaimed lawyer. Silenced for 25 years, her family balance suddenly collapses when her children initiate their own search for justice." adding it was based on a true story. The film is really about the father being a child abuser and one of his children looking for justice in the wake of a criminal case. 

Not that you really know that for a chunk of the film. No one says a hell of a lot and when they do (especially in the first half of the film), it's not really referencing what exactly is going on. We know something happened, hence the media attention, but what it is we aren't told.

I don't mind being spoon fed or having to work things out for myself, but things aren't really clear, more so since there is a fractured narrative, which isn't  clear out of the box. I really wasn't sure what is going on. Frankly I am still not certain of a lot of it.

Whose idea was it not to give us any bread crumbs?

By the half hour point I had so disconnected from the film that by the time we started to get details and things (kind of) started to go together I really didn't care.

This is a well made art house film that is much too clever for its own good.

Pass on this one

SUBURBAN TALE (2023) ( aka Tamso) Fantastic Fest 2023

Prodigal daughter returns home for a family wedding only to discover they are hiding the fact that one of their members is possessed by a demon, and unless he is kept fed he spews a gas that causes one to hallucinate. As things begin to take a turn for the worse people find their thoughts trapped in the bad old days.

Low key and creepy horror film will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brilliantly blending full on horror with the unpleasantness of dealing with your family  SUBURBAN TALE hits us in the gut with a double whammy. What do you do when you have to work with people you don’t really like? By the time the film explodes into violence we’ve been put through the wringer.

Beautifully made on every level, with a cast who sells the darkness this is the best type of horror film, one where everyone is invested in scaring the proverbial crap out of you.

This is the sort of film that makes me want to go to film festivals, namely under the radar gems that are you would never find otherwise.  

Track this film down and just go with it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Falling Stars (2023) Fantastic Fest


This is a small gem of a film. Wonderfully not what you expect, this is a film you really need to see.

The plot as stated by the press material is that several friends go to see the body of the witch one of the group had shot out of the sky and then buried in the desert. In the process of digging her up they desecrate the body. Weird things begin to happen and the group now have to burn her body before sunrise.

While nominally a horror film, there is so much more going on. This is a film of relationships, friends and life as lived. The relationships feel real and while the film is about things that go bump in the night the film feels real. If not for the subject this could almost be a documentary since the conversations don't feel written but created in the moment. The words are spoken as if they are being done by real people and not characters.  We fall into the the film as a result.

A minimalist film, FALLING STARS has almost no effects, Yes there is a body and some falling stars but the truth is there is nothing flashy. As with the dialog, the look of the film is realistic. There is no big effects scenes, it's all real world and we are better for it.

This is a beautifully made film. As a film fan I love what directors Gabriel Bienczycki and Richard Karpala  have done. They have made a deeply effecting and magical film simply by having an excellent cast interact on screen. Its the opposite of almost any other horror film you've ever seen. It's a film where they let the story work it's magic and they don't fancy it up because it doesn't need it. Why be flashy when the film doesn't need it.

What an absolute delight.

FALLING STARS is a truly special horror film.

MAMI WATA (2023) opens Friday

MAMI WATA is a beautiful black and white fable that needs to be seen on a big screen.

Telling the story of a village that is watched over by the goddess Mama Wata. Her wishes are determined by two women in the village. When a boy dies and a stranger appears the village begins to question the ways of the past.

Formally staged with deliberateness that you see in some of the world’s great art, MAMI WATA transcends its seeming theatrical construction and moves instead into the realm of cinematic myth. This is a fairy tale brought to life on the big screen. It goes from something seemingly simply and stagey into something breathing and alive. It is an arresting work of cinema.

All hail director CJ “Fiery” Obasi. Using high contrast black and white photography he has created a living painting. His sense of light and dark reminds me a great deal of the work of artist Frank Miller whose graphic work  like Sin City made us rethink about how light and dark can change the world. Here Obasi uses the lack of color to create a waking dream that becomes more real and more enveloping as it goes along.

I was floored, at first by the images I was seeing and later by how deeply I was moved by them.

This film is a cinematic treat

Highly recommended

A SHINING EXAMPLE (2023) Fantastic Fest

Just as a put upon woman realizes that she has worked out the whole series she is writing in her head and begins to write it, is instead forced to contend with a needy child and her ass of a husband.

What should have been a great film is just okay thanks to an unbelievable central relationship.  Why our heroine is married to her husband makes zero sense. He is such an absolute ass that she never would have gone out with him at any point.  Seriously they just don't work as a couple at all so what follows makes emotional sense. Yes we know why things happen and understand it, expect that it never would have happened except in the mind of a writer.

Take a pass.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Abel Gance's LA ROUE At NYFF 2023

This is the post I published at IMDB in 2008

Abel Gance's monstrously long tale of a train engineer. his son and the girl he takes in and raises as his own. Clocking in at four and a half hours this is still only a fraction of the the three part close to eight hour version that Gance originally created. I won't go into the story of the three years of filming and the tragedies that struck during the filming of the movie, which would make a wonderful film unto itself.

The story begins when Sisif returns to work one day just as a train wrecks in the yard. He pulls a young girl, Norma, from the wreckage and adopts her as his own, bringing her home to live with him and his son. The children are small enough that they simply assume that they are brother and sister. Later as time goes on the children grow, but the family remains in poverty thanks in part to Sisif's drinking and gambling. He is secretly in love with his "daughter" as his his son who makes a living making violins. Also in love with Norma is a well placed engineer who is helping to keep Sisif safe and out of trouble so that he might wed her. As the wheel of life turns and crushes those in its way the lives of everyone take unexpected and not very happy turns.

I'm at sixes and sevens about the film. Certainly its dated badly in some regards. the actor playing Sisif often looks into the camera and plays directly to the audience in a style thats at best over done. Some sequences are clearly unreal. Many interiors were filmed outside since you can see the shifting sun lighting them. And the film is simply put way way way too long at four and a half hours (I can not imagine what the full cut was like).

And yet the film has power at times that is undeniable. The film has a sense of place that can not be matched. Its clear that this was filmed in and around the train yards where it all takes place. The sense of reality is probably is almost unmatched in any film. The photography and montage is among the finest I've ever seen. There are shots of trains running on the rails that need to be hung on walls. Additionally the way the film is cut together is unlike any other film. No one manages to cut like this, I can't imagine what this was like in 1923. The images in images (The scenes of Norma in the train smoke for example) are haunting- more so when you think of how Gance had to put together pretty much in camera. From a technical stand point the quote about the film that's in the publicity for the DVD restoration about how the movie changed after this film is probably dead on. Technically this is like watching lightning. The story is, while melodramatic and potboiler like, affecting and had the film not dragged on as long as it did I would have probably loved the film instead of liked it.

Is it worth seeing? If you're a cinema nut absolutely. Its amazing at times. If you're not a fan of film and really don't like silent film stay away from it because it will probably overwhelm you in the wrong way.

Between 6 and 7 out of 10- with moments that are off the scale.

VISITORS (COMPLETE EDITION) (2023) Fantastic Fest 2023

Kenichi Ugana’s kick ass VISITORS (COMPLETE EDITION) is the expansion of his kick ass short film which played around the world last year. The film was such a jaw dropping experience that I said almost nothing about it other than to call it a delight. My lack of words was not because it was bad but because Ugana’s plotting in the few minutes it ran was such I didn’t want to spoil anything. I was left simply calling it a delight.

My feelings toward this feature version is that it’s even more of a delight.  Seriously, Ugana’s expansion of his story is just even more good stuff, and like the earlier film he takes his tale of a “zombies” into all sorts of unexpected places.

The plot of the film has a bunch of friends traveling to see what is going on with one of their number. It seems their friend has fallen off the face of the earth.  When they arrive they find their friend isn’t quite…normal and it only gets worse.

I remember when I saw the original short I was wondering where this was going to go if it was expanded… and now I found out, and it is delightfully not what I expected. Mixing blood, gore, horror and humor Ugana has fashioned a pretty little monster machine. This is a film that will have you staring at the screen in disbelief as  the slowly building insanity over takes the people on screen and the people in the audience. I was locked and loaded and when the end credits began I just stared at the screen wanting to know where it was going next. I want things to keep going because I was enjoying the thrill ride so much.

This is one of the few expansions of a short that not only is good, but better than the original.

What an absolute blood soaked joy.

If you are a horror fan you need to see this.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fishmonger (2023) Fantastic Fest

FISHMONGER Trailer (2023) - Dir. Neil Ferron from Neil Ferron on Vimeo.

 Neil Ferron's FISHMONGER is a diseased film in the best possible way. The story of a young man whose mother is dying and who must get married before she does lest a curse takes hold is a black and white comedic nightmare that is going to have you laughing as you squirm in your seats.

I'm not going to say too much about the film, not because there is nothing to say but because I want you to get a full front shotgun barrel to to face when Ferron's characters start explaining things and your stomach starts turning. Even knowing that is not going to prepare you for a film that is going to have you mumbling to yourself for most of it's 25 minutes. 

Trust me when I say if a film is suppose to provoke a reaction and make you engage with it, the FISHMONGER does that in spades. This is quite simply one of the few films that you will see this year that is going to force you to react in the same way someone grabbing your throat and crushing your wind pipe does. I sat there wide eyed and slack jawed as this just spun wildly out .

While not for the squeamish, the strong of heart and stomached are going to have a ball.


The 61st New York Film Festival Starts Friday

Just a quick reminder that the New York Film Festival is starting Friday and for a brief instant the film world refocuses on New York as the epicenter of the film world. As we’ve done since we started Unseen Films will be hip deep in the festival bringing you word on the goodies they are showing.

If you’ve been reading Unseen Films for any amount of time you realize that NYFF holds a special place in our hearts. It was the first festival to give us press credential. It was also the first of the really big festivals in the world that I attended. Most importantly it’s been the festival where magic things happen, from getting to meet Hiyao Miyazaki long enough to get an autograph, watching Debbie Reynolds call in to speak to the audience at a screening of a doc on her life, Kibitzing with Martin Short, to seeing audiences argue with filmmakers. This year I’m taking my niece to her first festival when the new Miyazaki film screens.

I can’t wait.

As this posts I haven’t really seen much. Press screenings just started and since I was in Pittsburgh for the two days of screenings I haven’t seen much . I begin wading in tomorrow and I will be going all the way to the end.

Reviews will start tomorrow.

The must see  films are  

MAMBAR PIERRETTE is a stunning film concerning a seamstress trying to survive. It a film that all come together in the final moments to be something special

YOUTH (SPRING) is a four hour look at the workers in a Chinese factory. It’s a film filled with hope and life and is much more engaging than you can imagine.

LA ROUE  is Abel Gance’s seven hour film about the life of a railroad man and his family.  Wildly uneven- as all Gance’s epics are- it has some of the most amazing things ever put on screen. If you can catch it I recommend it- though understand one screening next weekend is the whole film in one go and the screening that follows the following week is in two parts over two days.

And of course I will be reporting from the road so do yourself a favor and get  tickets and go.

For tickets and more information go here.

The Giant Gila Monster (and Killer Shrews) hits home video in a loaded Blu Ray DVD release 9/26

I don’t buy or get physical media much anymore. Don’t get me wrong I have thousands of titles in my collection but the fact that I am getting so much sent to me to review that I don’t go back and watch things until they’ve been on cable/streaming rotation for months or years.  That said I still pick up the odd special edition disc because I love the film and want a special edition.

When I was recently informed that -Film Master's was releasing a two disc special edition of THE GIANT GILA MONSTER that included a special edition of THE KILLER SHREWS I jumped at the chance to get my hands on the set and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have had the pairing of these two films in my head for decades. Ever since Sinister Cinema began turning out Drive in Double feature VHS tapes, the first of which was a pairing of the films. In the 40 or so years since they did that I invariably end up watching the two films together in one way or another, short of a single film airing on Svengoolie.  Such was the case  when I watched these two film I watched them together.

If you’ve never seen the films before  I should probably give you a quick over view of each.

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER is the story of a giant Gila monster that wanders across a small town causing all sorts of havoc. It all comes to head when some smart ass kids come up with a means of taking the beast out.  The monster is an actual lizard roaming around miniature sets. It’s not the best giant monster film ever made, there really isn’t any effort to integrate the beast with actual people so the effects sequences seem from a different movie. That said the film is still a lot of fun. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have watched it the two or three hundred times I’ve seen it.

THE KILLER SHREWS is one of my favorite films of the drive-in era. It’s the story of a group of people where people go to a remote island where scientists have lost control of the giant shrews (collies in fright masks)  they have bred.  The shrews are destroying everything and killing anything alive with their poisonous bite.  Trapped in a compound the group has to figure out how to get to the boat and off the island before the shrews break in and eat them. It’s a blast and a half that is both funny for all the wrong reasons (the masks) and scary (the masks).

First thing I need  say is that Film Master‘s release presents both films in both 1:85 (theatrical) and 1:33(TV). Both films have been restored and  are look frighteningly good. Watching the film with my brother we both were shocked that these  two warhorse films were given more love than most recent films. They look great.

Having seen the films way too many times I skipped watching the films straight and instead simply focused on the extras, which meant that I watched the films with the commentary tracks. GILA has a track featuring by Larry Strothe, James Gonis, Shawn Sheridan and Matt Weinhold from The Monster Party podcast and SHREWS has Jason A. Ney​. I liked both of the commentary tracks. I’m a sucker for a good commentary track because I love to learn more about the films I love.  Having been reading on these films for years I didn’t think there were any tidbits left to learn, but the truth is there were a few mixed in with some of the stories about how the films came together and made it to the drive-in screens across America. More importantly the tracks here were just fun to listen to. I love to listen to people with a passion for film talks about smaller films and these two films have that. Listening to the commentary tracks here is like listening to a friend talk over lunch.

The other extras include a short doc called Ray Kellogg: An Unsung Master; an archival interview with star, Don Sullivan, conducted by author Bryan Senn in 2009, radio commercials and book with excellent essays on the films

This collection is an absolute delight and if you like old school drive in films this double disc set (in both Blu Ray and DVD ) is for you

The Wait (2023) Fantastic Fest

Director F. Javier Gutierrez's THE WAIT is a genre bending film  that never quite nails down what it wants to be. 

The film is the story of a man who is hired to take care of a vast hunting estate. He is suppose to keep the property divided into a certain number of sections so that the various hunting parties don't end up shooting each other. Bribed to increase the number of runs, tragedy strikes in rapid order as his son is killed and his wife commits suicide. Left to his own devices weird things begin to happen.

An odd mix of genres, western, horror, drama, THE WAIT never fully finds it's footing. Is it a look at grief? Is it a balls to the wall horror film? It doesn't seem to know. More damaging is that the film has an uneven pace. The early section setting everything up is incredibly slow and if you don't click the film can be hard to warm to. Worse our protagonist is a man of few words and limited expressions and we really don't know what is going on inside him.

Mind you the film isn't bad, it has some great horror sequences, but you can't help but wonder if this could have been better.

despite my reservation fans of Euro-horror should give it a shot.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Spooktacular (2023) Fantastic Fest

SPOOKTACULAR is a look at the legendary horror theme park Spooky World which in its heyday operated  the entire month of October in Merlin Massachusetts and drew millions of people from across the  globe to a place where they could relive their favorite horror films. The park was inspired by haunted hay rides in New Jersey in the 1990's  but was taken to the next level and included appearances by horror stars. 

Good overview of the park and what it inspired, this is going to be a shot of nostalgia for anyone who ever went to experience its haunted goodies. Full of (too) loving remembrances by fans and stars the film is going to make many wish that there would be a return of the park- despite the fact that it inspired other places across the country.

For me the film was just okay. Much too in love with it's subject the film suffers from the affliction most films like this have which is that despite being full of clips and stories, the film never fully gives us a sense of what this place was really like. Yes we have the stories, but after a while you get the feeling this would have meant more if we had gone. I never went and my interest waned. This would have been better for me as a more focused 40 minute film.

The film is also so in love with it's subject that it is full of crazy hyperbole and fudging of the facts.  Beginning with a writer's bold statement that "golden age of horror" started with Halloween and Friday the 13th because it ushered in the Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy and other over hyped creations (all of which played a part in Spooky World), the film kind of fudges the history of horror attractions by saying there was nothing really before Spooky World. While there may not have been anything on the scale of the park, there were attractions that ran across the country for decades before it opened.

While SPOOKTACULAR is never really bad, it comes off as as the cinematic equivalent of an insistent friend who says you are going to love this thing  way too much that you end up not liking it much.

Jackdaw (2023) Fantastic Fest

Jamie Childs' JACKDAW is one of my favorite films of 2023. A BIG screen movie that looks awesome on a small one it is a thriller  that goes from frame one and doesn’t stop until the end.

The plot of the film has an recently returned vet doing a quick pick up in the North Sea. He is to make a pick up and bring it back for some quick cash he needs to take care of his brother who has Down’s Syndrome. However things go instantly wrong and before you know it he’s not only trying to get away from the bad guys but trying to find his brother who has gone missing.

This film does everything right. From the look to the music, to the acting to the script, this film is top of the line. It’s a film that looks deceptively simple, but it’s a perfectly constructed film so as to have better characters  and more suspense than pretty much any other thriller that I’ve seen this year. All hail director Childs who has made a film that is going to become a favorite of many people.

Watching the film after watching another thriller playing at Fantastic Fest that was a balls to the wall thriller that impressed with its technical virtuosity I truly understood how great JACKDAW is. Stripped down to the basics JACKDAW builds suspense via some carefully chosen shots, a moving camera, sound design and beautifully realized characters. With seemingly minimal amount of effort we are brought into the story, given people we want to fight for and put on the edge of our seats.  

And about those characters JACKDAW shows how easy it is to create ones that grab us. A line or two in context of an interaction of the characters is all we need. It doesn’t take much just the right line and great actors and suddenly we have been told volumes with out actually being told as much in so many words.

Most importantly this is just a great film that I can’t wait to revisit.

JACKDAW is a must at Fantastic fest or where ever you can see it.

Strange Darling (2023) Fantastic Fest 2023


There are very few things that are a certainty, death, taxes and JT Mollner‘s STRANGE DARLING is going to be a film with a huge following. The story of a serial killer chasing after his latest victim who is trying fleeing is murderous intentions. It is told with enough style that Mollner is going to be dining out on it for decades to come.

Shot on 35mm this film is a technical marvel. A flash back to the driving films of the late 70’s and early 80’s, this is a film that recalls the technical virtuosity of films like VANISHING POINT, the first two MAD MAX films, RACE WITH THE DEVIL and drive in horror. MOLLNER knows his film history and he mines it for ore to use here. What he’s doing is not lifting bits or sequences, but instead using the past a template for his work. His film was built on those earlier films but not a copy of them. He is using film history the way it should be used – raising up the art form by standing on the past, not making an exact copy.

As a physical film this is one of the best films of the year and probably of the last five years. The skill with which this film has been assembled is absolutely beyond compare. If Mollner can make more films with this sort “oh wow” factor he will be hailed as one of the greatest ever.

However as much as I absolutely love the craft of the film I’m not really a fan of the storytelling. Told in six out of order chapters the story doesn’t really work. It’s a standard issue bad guy stalks a woman tale with a few twists.  The characters are not really real people, but are constructs that exist because the cast is so good. Additionally if the story wasn’t told out of order there wouldn’t be suspense. While allegedly based on a true story some late in the game turns feel added on just to keep the story going. Mollner may be a wizard in making the film, his scripting could use a little help.

But the script is not what you are going to remember when you come out of the film. What you are going to remember is the driving nature of this thrill ride of the film. It’s such a cinematic blast that you are going to want to go again not long after you get to the end credits- I know I did.



With UYRA THE RISING FOREST playing  on PBS's POV on the 25th here is a brief  repost of the review I ran when it played Human Rights Watch San Diego Film Festival

Portrait of indigenous trans artist Uyra as she travels through the amazon.

This is a one of a kind film, one part travelogue, one part bio and one part work of art, about a one of a kind person. Highlighting the state of LGBT individuals in Brazil the film also amplifies the experiences of the indigenous population.

Dreamy trippy film, this film worked best for me visually. I loved the strange images the Uyra conjured up for the camera. 

Last Stop In Yuma County (2023) Fantastic Fest

Knife salesman on the road pulls into a gas station to fill up and find the tanks are dry. They are expecting a delivery at any moment. If he wants to wait at the adjoining diner he can get out of the heat.  As he and the other stranded folk  wait thing take a dark and violent turn as bank robbers show up.

Solid thriller will keep you watching as you wait to see how the story plays out. Yes, we've been here before but there is enough panache here to keep us interested. It also helps that we have some great characters and a few unexpected turns to keep things moving. 

Forgive me if I don't say too much but the truth is the set up of the film is one that's been used for decades so there is nothing new there.  You can and will probably guess how much of this is going to go, however there are a few turns, of the sort that will have you talking to the screen, that I don't want to spoil anything.  I say that as warning to myself who wants to talk about them in detail because they are what make the film something that you will want to see.

In all seriousness don't take anything I'm saying as a reason not to see LAST STOP, rather take it in the way it was intended, namely to state that writer-director Francis Gallupp has take a well known plot line and gussied it up so that it shines in the sunlight and purrs like a fine tuned race car.  This film is a blast and the reason that we go to the movies.

Get some popcorn and go see this.

Friday, September 22, 2023

26.2 to Life (2022) opens today

This is my review of the film from when it premeired at DOC NYC 

A look at the San Quentin 1000 Mile runners club. The club trains inmates to run in a marathon. The race is held in the yard of the prison and involves over a hundred circles. Through the discipline required to run  the men find there lives have been changed as they realize that ultimately they can do anything they set their minds to.

I know this film film hits all of the expected marks, but at the same time the film is deeply moving. Say what you will I got misty at the end. I fell in with the men in the film and I was cheering them by the end. Actually I was enjoying the film so much I was seriously considering  going to the public DOC NYC screening just so I could meet them in person.

What a wonderful story of hope.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

it lives inside (2023) opens friday

 IT LIVES INSIDE is a scary film.

The story of a young woman who ends up with a jar with a demon inside it will scare the crap out of you. It’s one of the few recent horror films where I enjoyed the hell out of it, but seriously had to question if I really wanted to go back to that dark place again. (That’s a rave)

The film follows Samidha  a teen aged girl who is trying to survive high school. Growing up in a traditional Indian home her parents have certain expectations which make her trying to make time with a cute guy difficult.  One day she meets her  friend Tamira who seems off. She is carrying a sealed jar. Inside the jar is demon and it keeps talking to Tamira, telling her it wants to feed on blood. Of course the demon gets loose and you can guess what happens.

This is a waking nightmare of a film. Its film that hooks us with great characters and then slowly begins to ratchet up the suspense and terror  as the demon makes its presence felt early and often.  Blame director Boshal Dutta for creating one hell of  a thrill ride. While the fact that the story is rooted in Indian mythology, something most of us haven’t had any experience with, the truth is the power is Dutta’s filmmaking.  Creating images and sonic  spaces filled with oppression we are disoriented. He moves objects and people in ways that both look natural and horrifying impossible. People are not supposed to bend like that. What we see on screen is the work of a cinematic master who understands how to get under your skin. If this is his first time out of the gate what are we going to experience down the line?

The images haunted my dreams the night after I saw the film.

This film is going to disturb the hell out of you.

IT LIVES INSIDE is Dutal’s feature debut and a notice to the horror community that a new dark lord is scratching at the door.

Shaky Shivers (2023)

Playing at this years NYAFF in a side screening at the Look Cinemas on 57th Street SHAKY SHIVERS is a horror tinged comedy. Actually it's a straight comedy with werewolves, zombies, bigfoot, a deadly cult and other horror tropes, but no scares.

The plot of the film has two friends going to an abandoned camp to find out out if one of them is going to turn into a werewolf, she she was bitten by a "dog" and cursed by weird woman who wanted food from their ice cream shop. While at camp weird things begin to happen.

How you react to this film will be determined by how you react to the sense of humor and the tone of the film. The film has knowing attitude, but the actors play it very straight with the result you have a film that seems to be an odd straight forward horror film with jokes...except that it isn't supposed to be scary.  If you go in thinking there are going to be scares you will be disappointed.

On the other hand if you are a horror fan who loves comedy you will enjoy the hell out of this film. It's a knowing send up of films made with love. Its full of horror references that will tickle fans. The more horror films you've seen the more that will tickle you.  What I love is that the references are just there, they aren't pushy, they just flow, the result is a film that will delight you in the best possible way.

What a joy.



I am very annoyed that I did not see THE STORMS OF JEREMY THOMAS on a big screen. A huge fan of many of the films he produced (LAST EMPEROR, THE HIT, MERRY CHRISTMAS MR LAWRENCE, BAD TIMNG, SEXY BEAST - all of which are playing at the Quad Cinema in NYC as part of a retrospective) I wanted to get a chance to revisit all of the great films he made bigger than life.  As it is, it was nice get to know the  man who has helped bring so many classics to the big screen.

This is a loving, and lovely, portrait of a man who helped give us the best of today's cinema. Told via interviews with the man and the people he’s worked with, STORMS is the story of man who quietly altered what we see.  I say quietly because odds are unless you are a crazy film fan odds are you probably never heard his name.  While I had a vague familiarity with his name I didn’t realize everything he was connected to. Honestly it blew my mind (and made me curse the fact that I was missing the Quad’s killer retrospective-details here)

I loved this film. I loved it’s mad passion for it’s subject and the films he made. It’s a crazy infectious film that will make you want to revisit everything.

I can’t recommend this enough.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Saturn Bowling (2023) opens Friday 9/22

A police detective and his estranged homeless half brother collide in the wake of their father’s death. Wanting to give his brother a place to stay and a job the detective lets his brother take over the titled bowling alley. However things become complicated when bodies begin to appear.

Bleak, black crime thriller is not for the faint of heart. A neon soaked trip to hell this is the sort of neon noir film that French filmmakers have been making their own over the last few years.  It’s a violent film that had me gasping at the brutality of the scenes.

While the film doesn’t do anything new, the film is still going to have you sitting bolt up right in your chair and not looking away as bad things happen.

What a kick.

An absolute must see.


This film ends with several minutes of how various rich, famous and powerful people and organizations didn’t return the filmmakers requests for comments or interviews. Considering the subject of the film,  Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, is currently on the run after stealing at least $4.5 billion and bankrupting  all sorts of people, institutions and countries in what became known as the 1MDB Scandal, it isn't surprising.

This is a crazy story but even as it shocks us, it really isn’t that surprising since we are seeing time and time again people taking money and diverting it for their own use and using it to finance bigger and bigger scams. Jho Low took the money from the coffers of Malaysia lived large, made people think he was rich and parlayed that into personal piggy bank. It’s a tale that I can’t explain simply it’s too complicated and even more WTF for that. It’s a story that had Leonardo DiCaprio, who was paid a fortune by Low to show up at his parties, pondering if the money he was getting was clean or dirty. Sadly it was very very dirty.

I know there are a lot of stories of high level greed but this is absolutely insane. After about fifteen minutes I stopped taking notes and just stared at the screen, shaking my head and muttering, “it’s nice to have money”. This is just crazy as things built and built until they cracked and collapsed. I kept wondering why no one seemed to mind.

This film is a blast. It’s a totally crazy tale that we don’t find surprising in some ways and in others completely blindsides us with some crazy turns. I was captivated from start to finish so much that when it was over I considered watching it a second time.

This one is worth your time.

Nightsiren(2022) hits theaters September 22

A woman returns home after many years after the death of her mother. The towns folk don’t know what to make of her and are wary of her after she takes up residence in the abandoned home of the local witch.

Nominally this is supposed to be a film about witches and things that go bump in the night. The reality is that this is less horror film than a look at superstition and how our pasts affect us and the choices we made.  This is more a drama with a supernatural tinge and we are so much better for it.

NIGHTSIRENS is one of the great surprises of the 2022 film year. It’s a “genre” film that really isn’t, even if it hits all the marks. It’s a wonderful character study of a young woman haunted by her past. It is also a killer thriller from literally the first minute when something happens that makes you sit up and go “hello”. It was at that moment I had to see where the film was going because it was clear that nothing was off the table.

I love this film.

What I love about this film is that it has a great deal going on. Its film that has a great deal on its mind. It’s a look at life in a backwoods town, a look at a the male female dynamic, a look at motherhood (and the loss of it), at superstition, and how we view all of that.  Several weeks on and numerous discussions I’m still turning the film over in my mind and still trying to sell the film to anyone who is willing to  listen to me talk about its wonders.

This film is a must.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Director Klaus Härö's MY SAILOR MY LOVE is an emotional powerhouse. This is a film where the most perfect cast you can imagine takes a good script and turns it into a film that will leave you spent and weeping at the end. 

The film concerns Grace. A nurse with a strained relationship with her father, she is unhappy with the way he is letting things go. Figuring he could use a woman's touch to clean things up, Grace hires a widow named Annie to come in to cook and clean. Despite initial friction Annie and her charge hit it off. They hit it off probably much to well for Grace's liking, with Annie and Grace's dad falling in love.

I am not going to lie and say that this is perfect film. It's not. Honestly the plotting is very soapy at times. I mean the twists and turns are often predictable.  On the other hand the road maybe familiar however the film lifts itself up by having a cast that makes every scene seem real and emotionally charged.

All hail James Cosmo, Bríd Brennan, and Catherine Walker. Giving three of the best performances you'll see all year they make you wish that Oscar gave awards for Best Ensemble. I love this trio with all my heart. The manage to take every scene, every word, every gesture and give them weight the vast majority of films never can muster. Words hurt. Gestures reveal pain. Truths are exposed.  While I have had some of the discussions here and could relate, so much more I had no experience with, but as each scene played out I found myself delighting in the feeling that the leads were revealing some great hidden secret.

My mind was blown...and by the end my heart was broken and I was fighting to keep the tears from overwhelming me.

You really need to see this, if for no other reason that you will witness three performances for the ages.


Neither Confirm Nor Deny hits Amazon and Apple TV 9/22

This is the story of the CIA plot to lift a sunken Soviet submarine from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. 

This may not have been one of the great films at DOC NYCin 2020 but it was one of my favorites. This is one crazy story. The story begins when the US government stumbles over the wreckage of a sunken submarine.  The Soviets had no idea where it was or how to raise it. The CIA has no idea how  either but they have people who might and the money to try. From there the story spirals out to include Howard Hughes, Watergate and some other things you'll just have to see to believe.

While the film could have been just the story of something totally crazy it blooms in the second half into something more, a very timely examination of  censorship and the government. The discussion comes out of the fact that the head of CIA took steps to kill the story. Its warning of what can happen when the press kisses the ass of the government too much.

This is a great story, expertly told. Get some popcorn and curl up with this film.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Carlos (2023) has special screenings September 23,24 & 27 and opens on the 29th

I’ve been chasing CARLOS since it played at Tribeca earlier this year. I had hoped to get into the screening and concert but I couldn’t score a ticket.  There was no press screening and I couldn’t make the encore screening since it was too late on a work night. However because I have friends with long memories I got an email asking if I still wanted to see the film since it was coming out in September. I of course jumped at the chance.

Filled film wall to wall music the film is the life and career of Carlos Santana in his own (and occasionally his family) words. It’s the arc of his life as the son of a mariachi musician all the way up to superstardom. It’s the story of a really nice guy who weirdly lucked into his career by being really good at what he does and meeting the right people (Bill Graham) at the right time.

The trouble is that as Santana tells it there really wasn’t a lot of drama in anything that happened. He simply drifted from one thing to the next with his talent and drive pushing him forward.  That’s not a bad thing if you are living it, but half way into the film I kind of was hoping something dramatic would happen. A flat tire? A paper cut? Maybe he locked his keys in the car? Something anything. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s absolutely a lovely film that I will rewatch every time I run across it because of the music, but as a dramatic story this is a bit lacking

Reservation aside this is a great film and is recommended.

Origin of Evil (2022)opens Friday

A woman decides to leave the factory where she is working and make amends with her billionaire father, not realizing she will have to contend with the family he has put together since she left.

Genre bending film is one part family drama, one part social commentary, one part thriller and one part black comedy. It's a film with a great deal on its mind. There are some knowing laughs mixed in with the poison which makes for a frequently fun ride.

If you haven't guessed, everyone in the family has an angle and what is going on and who is who seems to be changable depending upon the latest revelation. This fact makes it hard to really discuss what is going on lest bits be revealed too soon.

I liked the film a great deal, though to be honest seeing the film in the middle of all of the excellent thrillers playing Lincoln Center's Rendezvous With French Cinema has me scheduling a revist down the road where I can see it for itself.


Sunday, September 17, 2023

Fantastic Fest 2023 Curtain Raiser

The legendary Fantastic Fest starts this week and we will be wading in with coverage.

One of the big genre festivals in the world the festival has been the launching pad for  some of the biggest horror scifi and action films every year (Most recently BLACK PHONE started here).

Our coverage this year will be limited by being remote. I am not being able to travel to Austin to take part because I’ve got plans to be in Pittsburgh. So basically I’m going to be watching films in the hotel room around everything until I get home. Not that I mind.

There are a lot of things I am really looking forward to because based on what I’ve seen already it should be a killer fest.

What have we covered before? I’m glad you asked. The list of things we’ve seen is as follows:













For more information go here:

Untold: Swamp Kings (2023)

This is a four part look at the tenure of Urban Meyer as head coach of the Florida Gators during their meteoric rise to national prominence under his leadership.

I'm trying to get my head around why this four part film is part of the Untold series of films at Netflix. I  ask this because the series always looks at some sport story in such away that it raises questions about some aspect of it's subject, say game fixing, obnoxious QBs, and so on. This time out we get a more or less straight telling that white washes anything bad in a victory lap tale about the glories of Meyer at Florida. Its a three plus hour hagiography for the team during those years that could easily be cut in half.

While not bad, it doesn't really say anything. Nothing new is revealed, anything bad is down played. If the film was supposed to be critical of Meyer I don't see it except for a couple of quick lines at the very end about Meyers more recent exploits and which are way more interesting than this film.

Honestly I should have tuned out after part one because the pacing was so slack but I thought it would all turn interesting once they one the championship in part 2 but the truth is we just watch their slide into mediocrity. We didn't need four hours for this.

I suppose its great if you're a Gators fan, but if not its a long haul

Saturday, September 16, 2023

THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL WORLD OF INDUSTRIAL MUSICALS 9/19 at the Nighthawk Cinema in Prospect Park.


Run Time: 105 min. Format: DCP

Diesel Dazzle… Got to Investigate Silicones… The Bathrooms Are Coming…? Welcome to the bonkers alternate universe of industrial musical theater, presented by Letterman and Simpsons writer Steve Young.

Steve discovered corporate musicals while gathering obscure albums for the Letterman show’s “Dave’s Record Collection” comedy bit. Years later, Steve is the world’s authority on the bizarrely entertaining shows created for company conventions and sales meetings from the 50’s to the 80’s that the public was never meant to see or hear. Steve, the star of Dava Whisenant’s award-winning documentary Bathtubs Over Broadway, loves to bring the jaw-dropping delights of industrial musicals to audiences around the country, featuring ultra-rare films from his collection that can’t be seen anywhere else. Thrill to cheerfully twisted in-house musical propaganda from General Electric, Kellogg’s, American-Standard, Citgo, Purina and more, with Steve’s hilarious commentary (and even a bit of live music).

It’s a secret world of Americana that will astonish, amuse, perplex — and just might make you want to go out and sell, sell, sell!

For more information and Tickets go here

Speed is Expensive: Philip Vincent and the Million Dollar Motorcycle (2023) plays in LA 9/20 and hits digital 9/26

Ewan McGregor  narrates the story Philip Vincent and his motorcycles.  The bikes are considered some of the best ever built and are valued at over a million dollars each but their creator ended up dying penniless.

The tale of Vincent  and his bikes is almost unbelievable. Vincent always wanted to make motorcycles and did what ever he could to do so. He promoted his bikes in anyway he could including underground races. The bikes capable of doing things no one could concieve of with one rider having his speeding ticket tossed because the judge couldn't believe that a motorcycle could go anywhere near a 100 miles an hour never mind over 110.

Using recently discovered footage is mixed with audio recording s and interviews with people who were there and those who love the bikes SPEED IS EXPENSIVE is a really good. Its a film I regret not being able to share with my dad, who was a motorcycle enthusiast. My dad would have loved this and the history it shows.

This film is a must for anyone who likes motorcycles or racing since it gives you a really good look at a man and his machine who changed the world.


Friday, September 15, 2023

Jeremy Thomas retrospective at the Quad, Sept. 18-28 | Featuring new 4K restorations of THE DREAMERS and THE LAST EMPEROR


Produced By Jeremy Thomas

September 18-28

The Quad celebrates the films of legendary, Academy Award-winning producer Jeremy Thomas with a career retrospective in advance of the theatrical release of Mark Cousins's The Storms of Jeremy Thomas

Highlights include new 4K restorations of The Dreamers, The Last Emperor, and Naked Lunch, plus 35mm prints of 13 Assassins ( YOU MUST SEE THIS IT"S ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE) and Only Lovers Left Alive

 "Once upon a time, there was a prince, a movie prince..." Born into British film royalty (with his uncle and father behind some of the most popular British films of the 1950s — the Carry On and Detective series), producer Jeremy Thomas has paved his own path, blazed with brilliant, controversial, industry-heightening films. The most daring films of the past 45 years, working the likes of Bertolucci, Cronenberg, Ōshima, and more. As acclaimed documentary filmmaker Mark Cousins reflects in the upcoming The Storms of Jeremy Thomas, the legendary producer's oeuvre was "formed not only by politics and sex, but also death and glamor and passion."

See these films in all their glory on the big screen. Series highlights include new 4K restorations, 35mm prints, and to-be-announced special appearances. 

For more information and tickets go here

Robe of Gems (2022) opens today at BAM

Natalia López Gallardo first film as director is a hard film to describe. Following a number of people in Mexico who end up looking for a missing person in the country.

While absolutely a beautiful film, with some stunningly stage sequences and images that burn into your brain for all time, ROBE OF GEMS is narratively confused. Gallardo strives very hard to make a film that you have to work with  but ends up making a film that isn't very clear.  Watching the film I stopped it a couple of times to look at material on the film in the hope of finding something that I felt a I missed and didn't catch by replaying a sequence or two.

This is a film that is very much about something- though it's not completely clear what that is. Actually this is a film that is clearer when you read the official material- which for me is a big no no, since it is my feeling everything we need should be on the screen.

A beautiful and visually haunting miss that has hung with me since I saw it last year on the festival circuit.

Carpet Cowboys (2023) opens in LA today

CARPET COWBOYS is the story of some of the carpet designers living and working in Dalton Georgia. Dalton is the carpet capital of the world, 85% of America’s and over 50% of the carpets used in the world come from there. It’s a film nominally about carpets that over time reveals itself to be about considerably more.

I’ve been dancing around CARPET COWBOYS for a couple of weeks now. From what I was initially reading I wasn’t certain I wanted to cover it and then my friends started to tell me I should see it, there was something hypnotic about it…

I’m going to say right off the bat some people are not going to like this film. They are going to get lost in the fact that the film deals with a lot of minutia concerning carpets. I completely understand that, but in bailing to early they will miss the bigger picture, a portrait of life as viewed from one part of society.

What makes CARPET COWBOYS intereting is that in looking at the people in the carpet industry we get a look aat other sectors of society. The conversations we have and the things we see reflect how other groups of people navigate through life. Through the lives of the people we meet in this small town we can see how other industries in other small towns operate. Somewhere toward the middle of the film the film suddenly opened up and I was seeing a large reflection of life.

Over the course of the film I grew to really like the film.

Definitely worth a look especially if you like films about life as lived.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Inventor (2023)


Leonardo DaVinci leaves Rome and goes to France where he is allowed to invent and ponder the meaning of life.

Taken on its own terms THE INVENTOR is a fun historical tale about the life and times of Leonardo. It has jaw dropping animation, great characters and witty one liners. It has a great voice cast headed by Stephen Fry. It's exactly the sort of film that I would have fallen madly in love with as a kid.

As a fun adventure it's a blast and a half and would make a great double feature with the animated THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN. I really delighted in the film as a film, it is just so full of wonder that I can't wait to see it again.

The problem for me is that the film wants to be more than just a fun story. It wants to bring more details to the audience via lifts from his sketch books and references his art.  While the inclusions are in many ways cool, in other ways I'm not certain that they need to be there. More than once the film stops to drop in a reference to a page of Leonardo's drawings for no real gain. While I will be the first to tell you that a film isn't a reference or wholly true, several things I read about the filmmakers wanting to introduce kids to science and learning make me want to challenge the film's history. I won't do it because it's clearly fudged, and it will make me sound mean.

Personally I would ignore the science and just go with the fun story and as an introduction to one of the greatest minds who ever lived.

THE INVENTOR is a fun film. See it.

Mountains (2023) Toronto 2023

Haitian immigrant tries to deal with what life is throwing at him as he looks to deal with his job in demolition, the need for a bigger house and a family moving in directions that he is uncertain of.

Nicely acted film is look into a world that most of us are unfamiliar with. We do not see usually the Haitian immigrant experience on screen and as a result the discussions and monologs don’t come across as versions of things we’ve seen before. For an example a sequence in the second half where Xavier,Sr talks to his son about his experience coming to America really hit home.

While I do not have a great deal to say about the film, due in large part to it still replaying in my head, I really liked it and have no problem recommending it to anyone who wants to see a hidden gem .

Jerry Brown The Disrupter on PBS 9/15


Portrait of ex-California governor Jerry Brown and his presence on the American political scene.

Very good but by the numbers look at Brown and his place in American politics of the last 50 years. Its a film that explains why Brown matters, even today. It also gives us a clue as to why we may never see the like of someone like him when he's gone.

Worth a look.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

YOUTH (SPRING) Toronto 2023 NYFF 2023

Wang Bing’s award winning look at the young people working in a Chinese sweatshop. We watch as they work, joke, fall in love and plan their future.

This is an observational look at a group of co-workers who will work their way into your heart. As I’ve always said, while we work to make money, the reason we stay is the co-workers and it’s easy to see why these people hang together, they make each other laugh. While the film isn’t all fun and games we do get a sense of why they  get along.

Running just under four hours a film like YOUTH may sound like a tough slog, but it really isn’t. I was given a chance to see the film before Toronto and I thought I might break the film up into pieces, but quite honestly outside of a bathroom break I watched the film from start to finish. I was quite simply too invested in the people on the screen to walk away.  The best thing description of the film was I went into the film out of an obligation to cover it because it was at Cannes, and Toronto and New York and I can out of it enjoying the hell out of it because it connected me to some people who made me laugh and smile and feel connected to humanity.

Don’t go into this film expecting grand story lines but rather go in expecting to just see life happen. Races are run, jokes told, plans are made, clothes are sewn together, people come and go. This is life happening at the speed of life, which means it’s a leisurely affair.

I enjoyed this film a great deal. Not only did the film make me feel but it made me ponder about life as lived, by me and by others.


National Anthem (2023) Toronto 2023

NATIONAL ANTHEM is the story of Dylan, a young man living at home with his mom. He is helping to raise his younger brother. He is putting money aside to by a RV so he can hit the road and see the world. Working odd jobs, he takes a two week job at a ranch way out of town and falls in with the people of living there. They are a collection of LGBT people who drifted in over time.  Entranced by Sky he slowly becomes friends with everyone at the ranch as he tries to find his place in the world.

NATIONAL ANTHEM is good time with great people. This was like hanging out with some of your best friends over the course of a several weeks. It’s a beautifully crafted collection of people who bleed off the screen in ways that will leave you insisting that these aren’t performances but people you know. Hell, by the time the film was done I wanted to leave the theater and go find the ranch.

Deliberately paced this film takes its time going where it’s going. Honestly I am glad I saw this at a screening instead of via a link because I was forced to allow the film to happen. I couldn’t get distracted in the dark theater so I had the time to fall in love with everyone on screen.

The film has several lines of profound wisdom floating through it which made me love it more. Lines like “She loves you but she needs him” and “You’re not boring you just haven’t found your people yet” kind of put things in my own life into perspective.

On the downside the film doesn’t really have a strong narrative drive. Yes, there are some questions of romance and some family conflict with Dylan, but at the same time there are no big “problems”, life kind of happens and Dylan and friends drift through it. I kept waiting for something big to happen but it never did despite the film constantly angling that it would.

Still I love the film and I would love to show this to any LGBT kid who didn’t think they will find a place.

If you think you can go with its mellow rhythms or if you want to meet some characters who will become your new best friends go see NATIONAL ANTHEM.