Saturday, September 2, 2023

A pointer toward Dormitory (Yurt) Venice 2023

This is a pointer toward a the film DORMITORY which just premiered at Venice.

The film is a the story of a young man who is torn between the religious and secular worlds in Turkey and how the demands of both don’t always mesh comfortably. He is sent by his religious father for instruction to a dormitory, while a friend shows him how to work the system. However he finds it difficult to straddle both worlds. 

While I am not going to say a great deal about it I will say you should go see it.

The film is rooted in the split between the worlds within Turkey. Ever since the modern country was moved from a religious state to a secular one by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk there has always been tension. Things are not helped by the country being the buffer between the Arab world and Europe.

You will forgive me for not doing a big write up on the film but this film is so good and so thought provoking that I can not in good conscience write a “review” of the film on a single pass. There is simply too much I want to say and so much I need to ponder.  Further complicating matters was the fact that as the film was coming to its conclusion I found I was connecting things up with moments earlier in the film. I realized that I needed to go through the film a second time  because how I was viewing the film changed. There was this grand AH HA moment where it all clicked… essentially making my notes useless.

In order to meet the embargo date, and because I have other films I need to see I can only point you to this film and tell you that you will want to see this film.


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