Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fishmonger (2023) Fantastic Fest

FISHMONGER Trailer (2023) - Dir. Neil Ferron from Neil Ferron on Vimeo.

 Neil Ferron's FISHMONGER is a diseased film in the best possible way. The story of a young man whose mother is dying and who must get married before she does lest a curse takes hold is a black and white comedic nightmare that is going to have you laughing as you squirm in your seats.

I'm not going to say too much about the film, not because there is nothing to say but because I want you to get a full front shotgun barrel to to face when Ferron's characters start explaining things and your stomach starts turning. Even knowing that is not going to prepare you for a film that is going to have you mumbling to yourself for most of it's 25 minutes. 

Trust me when I say if a film is suppose to provoke a reaction and make you engage with it, the FISHMONGER does that in spades. This is quite simply one of the few films that you will see this year that is going to force you to react in the same way someone grabbing your throat and crushing your wind pipe does. I sat there wide eyed and slack jawed as this just spun wildly out .

While not for the squeamish, the strong of heart and stomached are going to have a ball.


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