Saturday, September 16, 2023

Speed is Expensive: Philip Vincent and the Million Dollar Motorcycle (2023) plays in LA 9/20 and hits digital 9/26

Ewan McGregor  narrates the story Philip Vincent and his motorcycles.  The bikes are considered some of the best ever built and are valued at over a million dollars each but their creator ended up dying penniless.

The tale of Vincent  and his bikes is almost unbelievable. Vincent always wanted to make motorcycles and did what ever he could to do so. He promoted his bikes in anyway he could including underground races. The bikes capable of doing things no one could concieve of with one rider having his speeding ticket tossed because the judge couldn't believe that a motorcycle could go anywhere near a 100 miles an hour never mind over 110.

Using recently discovered footage is mixed with audio recording s and interviews with people who were there and those who love the bikes SPEED IS EXPENSIVE is a really good. Its a film I regret not being able to share with my dad, who was a motorcycle enthusiast. My dad would have loved this and the history it shows.

This film is a must for anyone who likes motorcycles or racing since it gives you a really good look at a man and his machine who changed the world.


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