Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mushrooms (2023) Fantastic Fest

Just over an hour long film has a woman out in the woods encountering a lost couple who want her help to escape. She’s not too sure that’s a good idea.

Essentially the cinematic equivalent of a short story with a sting in the tale, MUSSHROOMS is a film you need to see and then discuss. It’s not that there is anything wrong, rather it’s simply a matter that the construction of the film is such that anything said beyond a bare minimum will ruin how you see the film the first time through. This is another one where the less you know is better.

As good as the film is the first time through, I’m not sure how this will play on repeated viewings. Yes a second one will be fine, but after that this fragile little film may seem less special. Still, as something to see with no expectations this film is a great deal of fun.

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