Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bark (2023) Fantastic Fest 2023


Love it or loath it film is the story of a man who wakes up shackled to a tree. Why is there isn’t really clear. Things become complicated when some one appears and sets up a camp with the intention of watching him die.

Bleak, black torture porn off shoot feels like an expanded play. This is a two hander truly set in a single location. It’s a well made and well acted film that touches the darkness in our souls.

Does that mean it’s a good film?  For me, probably not. This is just a black film whose point I’m still trying to work out. Is it just about the inhumanity of man? Perhaps but I’m not sure I need 90 minutes of a man tied to a tree to see it. At some point I considered walking out, but I was curious where it was going. While not quite the conclusion I was expecting, the final turn made me gasp.

Yes it’s well made but it’s way too dark (and possibly pointless) for my tastes

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