Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Inventor (2023)


Leonardo DaVinci leaves Rome and goes to France where he is allowed to invent and ponder the meaning of life.

Taken on its own terms THE INVENTOR is a fun historical tale about the life and times of Leonardo. It has jaw dropping animation, great characters and witty one liners. It has a great voice cast headed by Stephen Fry. It's exactly the sort of film that I would have fallen madly in love with as a kid.

As a fun adventure it's a blast and a half and would make a great double feature with the animated THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN. I really delighted in the film as a film, it is just so full of wonder that I can't wait to see it again.

The problem for me is that the film wants to be more than just a fun story. It wants to bring more details to the audience via lifts from his sketch books and references his art.  While the inclusions are in many ways cool, in other ways I'm not certain that they need to be there. More than once the film stops to drop in a reference to a page of Leonardo's drawings for no real gain. While I will be the first to tell you that a film isn't a reference or wholly true, several things I read about the filmmakers wanting to introduce kids to science and learning make me want to challenge the film's history. I won't do it because it's clearly fudged, and it will make me sound mean.

Personally I would ignore the science and just go with the fun story and as an introduction to one of the greatest minds who ever lived.

THE INVENTOR is a fun film. See it.

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