Monday, September 11, 2023

SPIRIT OF ECSTASY (2023) Toronto 2023

Pop star Claire Pommet has been given a potential award winning role by director Helena Klotz's SPIRIT OF ECSTASY, but while the role is killer one wishes she had been given something to actually do.

Great looking, beautifully acted and very by the numbers this is the story of a non-binary  person looking to make the big bucks by becoming a financial analyst. She wants to get away from her life living with her family on a military base. What will she do to get what she wants?

If you think you can spin the plot out, you are probably right.  I know based on seeing any number of similar films about outsiders trying to get ahead in the world I had a pretty good idea where this was going.

That I could guess where this was going is a real shame since Pommet has a gravitas that many first time actors don’t have. On screen in pretty much every shot you find that you are watching her despite the over familiarity of the plotting. Frankly the fact that Klotz hasn’t given her lead a better set of challenges to over come some how makes the role seem less than it is. Don’t be fooled by the story and just watch the person at the center. Pommet is scary good. She holds the whole film together and our attention even as we are considering paying less attention. In all seriousness her presence is such that you will walk out of the film wanting to see the next role she takes on.

If you want to see an actress who is going to go on to big things then see SPIRIT OF ECSTASY

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