Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Remembering Every Night (2022) opens Friday

REMEMBERING EVERY NIGHT is a low key film looking at life on a breezy summer afternoon. Primarily focusing on the lives of three women it’s a film about life as it is lived. We drop into the  life of one for a while before shifting our focus. There are no grand revelations or conclusions just life.

This is lovely film. It’s a warm and inviting visit with some very nice women. It’s so nice to see a film that is not about the big loud dramatic moments that happen every now and again but instead focuses on the quiet ones fill the majority of our waking moments.

I am very hit or miss with films like this. Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t. My reaction always depends on whether I like spending time with the people on screen (I really did) and whether I came out feeling I got something out of the film (I believe I did). In many other slice of life of life films I end up coming out of them pondering what it was that the filmmakers saw in their story that made them tell this story. Unfortunately other films don’t understand that just showing moments in a life doesn’t make film you’ll want to see.  With REMEMBERING EVERY NIGHT director Yui Kiyohara makes a film you want to see. She connects the lives of those we see on screen with our own. By giving us several women to observe we see our selves within their turns around the complex they share.

I was moved. More importantly at a time where I was flooded with films from both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals to watch I put the film on two more times, not so that I could catch some great tidbit for the review but simply because I wanted to be in that space with those characters. I was cinematically doing something similar to one of the final shots of the film sitting down with a cup of coffee and putting my feet up.

While I know that this film will not be for anyone who wants complete arcs and deeper meanings moving at a breakneck pace, those wanting to see a film about life moving at its own pace are pointed toward the wonders of REMEMBERING EVERY NIGHT

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