Tuesday, September 12, 2023

WHITE BUILDING (2022) hits digital today


Based on the director's own experiences WHITE BUILDING tells the story of a young man who is still living with his parents in a white apartment building. Run down and in a prime location for redevelopment his family is forced to choose whether to fight or go.Meanwhile his friends are leaving the city in order to take high paying jobs over seas.

Time marches on and leaves us all in the dust. How we choose to deal with the changes is the focus of the film. This is a small intimate tale that echoes out of it specificity of Cambodia to anyone living in a world that is rapidly changing. It is the story of how we are not always the captains of our fate except in how we choose to deal with the changes.

This is a small, beautiful film with a real emotional kick. Definitely worth a look for anyone who likes serious drama.

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