Thursday, September 28, 2023

AIMEE: The Visitor (2023)

AIMEE is a compact little thriller cashing in on the fact that AI is in the news. The film has a hacker downloading the newest AI program, the Aimee of the title, and learning very quickly that the program was designed as malicious software, aiming to learn everything about you and then use it against you.

Set in a couple of rooms the film moves like the wind. Running a breezy 70 minutes the film does what it has to do and then gets off. It is another of the recent spate Full Moon  films that are nicely compact and run as long as they have to, not worrying that they have to meet a certain length to get a theatrical booking (theaters really want  a film at least 80 minutes long lest audiences complain). Like the other Full Moon films I’ve seen recently it’s a lean mean thriller machine.

What the film feels like is a kind of back door pilot. I could see the film acting as a pilot for a TV series where Aimee is battled by a group of hackers. I’m not sure how far the series could go, but if handled right it could make a good series.

As it stands now AIMEE is a solid short thriller that’s worth your time.

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