Thursday, September 28, 2023

There is Something in the Barn (2023) Fantastic Fest

Destined to be another Christmas classic THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE BARN is a wickedly funny holiday horror film in the RARE EXPORTS territory.

The plot has an American family moving to Norway when they inherit their uncles home. They don't know about the thing in the barn that killed him.  It quickly transpires that a elf is living in the barn. He makes friends with the son of the family. However he is not the only one of his kind and the others are not friendly, they are actually homicidal.

While much of the first half is a kind of culture clash comedy with foreshadowing of the darkness that follows, the second half is where the film amps everything up and it becomes a balls to the wall battle between the family and the elves. It's a blood and gory affair full of humor. As the the film goes on we are laughing as we are groaning at what happens.

This film is an absolute holiday delight. Its so good I expect that there will be sequels.

Go see this- and have a grand time.

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