Sunday, September 17, 2023

Untold: Swamp Kings (2023)

This is a four part look at the tenure of Urban Meyer as head coach of the Florida Gators during their meteoric rise to national prominence under his leadership.

I'm trying to get my head around why this four part film is part of the Untold series of films at Netflix. I  ask this because the series always looks at some sport story in such away that it raises questions about some aspect of it's subject, say game fixing, obnoxious QBs, and so on. This time out we get a more or less straight telling that white washes anything bad in a victory lap tale about the glories of Meyer at Florida. Its a three plus hour hagiography for the team during those years that could easily be cut in half.

While not bad, it doesn't really say anything. Nothing new is revealed, anything bad is down played. If the film was supposed to be critical of Meyer I don't see it except for a couple of quick lines at the very end about Meyers more recent exploits and which are way more interesting than this film.

Honestly I should have tuned out after part one because the pacing was so slack but I thought it would all turn interesting once they one the championship in part 2 but the truth is we just watch their slide into mediocrity. We didn't need four hours for this.

I suppose its great if you're a Gators fan, but if not its a long haul

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