Saturday, September 30, 2023


This is a look at lawyer and genealogist Randy Schoenberg and his teenage son Joey Schoenberg as they travel through their family history across Europe and time.

The elder Schoenberg got into genealogy as a kid as the result of a school project. Because he is the grandson of a famous composer he had a bit more to work with than other kids and he became hooked on tracing his family history. Even as he was making headlines with big cases (He fought to get a Klimt painting returned to it's rightful owner, a story made into the film WOMAN IN GOLD). His work helped him be able to travel around the world in order to continue pursuing his family history.

This is a very good film. It's a wonderful tale of family and history and how sometimes they collide. It's a film full of good people finding out all sorts of interesting things.

World Premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival it will be playing also at Cincinnati, Zurich and Tel Aviv between now and October 8.

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