Friday, September 8, 2023

SEAGRASS (2023) Toronto

This is the story of a family that goes away to a retreat. The marriage of Judith and Steve is fracturing, something made worse by the emotion kicked up by the death of Judith’s mother. It is hoped that the kids will be able to relax as the parents work on their issues but the emotion bubbling out from the adults affects the kids.

I really like a great deal of this film. There is rawness to a lot of the emotion that bleeds off the screen in ways that feels lived in. One gets the sense that life is up there on the screen.

What I am not as love with is some of the dramatic plotting. Where the individual scenes and sequences are killer how they are stitched together isn’t always the best. Too much is telegraphed.  We know how Judith will be for much of the film just from her look and a few lines; we know what some complications are going to be simply from how some sequences set up; we know how things will play out between the kids because the tropes are wll used ones and we know the sea cave will be important because of the way things are framed. While nowhere near fatal, it does knock what should have been a great film into being just a good one.

My reservations aside SEAGRASS Is worth looking for some great acting and some lyrically beautiful sequences.

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