Saturday, September 23, 2023

Last Stop In Yuma County (2023) Fantastic Fest

Knife salesman on the road pulls into a gas station to fill up and find the tanks are dry. They are expecting a delivery at any moment. If he wants to wait at the adjoining diner he can get out of the heat.  As he and the other stranded folk  wait thing take a dark and violent turn as bank robbers show up.

Solid thriller will keep you watching as you wait to see how the story plays out. Yes, we've been here before but there is enough panache here to keep us interested. It also helps that we have some great characters and a few unexpected turns to keep things moving. 

Forgive me if I don't say too much but the truth is the set up of the film is one that's been used for decades so there is nothing new there.  You can and will probably guess how much of this is going to go, however there are a few turns, of the sort that will have you talking to the screen, that I don't want to spoil anything.  I say that as warning to myself who wants to talk about them in detail because they are what make the film something that you will want to see.

In all seriousness don't take anything I'm saying as a reason not to see LAST STOP, rather take it in the way it was intended, namely to state that writer-director Francis Gallupp has take a well known plot line and gussied it up so that it shines in the sunlight and purrs like a fine tuned race car.  This film is a blast and the reason that we go to the movies.

Get some popcorn and go see this.

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