Thursday, September 7, 2023

ON THE PULSE (2023) Venice 2023

Gabrielle is given an interview at a TV news show as a possible intern. Her teacher was friends with one of the editors. As the “interview”, which was going sideways, is interrupted she is left to talk to Vincent one of the reporters, a better friend of her teacher. When she is about to be sent off without a position Vincent intervenes and tells the boss to hire her. What follows is Gabrielle’s time with the news show.

While the film is very much about the reporting of the news the film is really not so much about the stories but about the people. We get lots of character interaction and newsroom discussions. This is a film where we are being like Gabrielle and hanging out with the people around her.  For much of the film I was really enjoying the film but at a certain point I began to think that this film wasn’t going to be great. It wasn’t constructed to  end with me being so delighted I had to talk about it…. And then the end came. And the combination of what I believe the final line “It’s all about being here” coupled with the remaining visual images that resulted in the film exploding in my opinion. In those final moments the film came together to become of the great joys of the Venice Film Festival. The big wide smile got me misty.

This is one of the rare films that surprised me by pulling it all together, and then some, into a magnificent whole in the final moments.

What an absolute joy.

This is a great film full of people we like just going through their lives and doing some really cool things. There isn’t any false sense of drama, but instead just a look at life.

I loved this film

Highly recommended.

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