Thursday, September 7, 2023


Marielle Dalpé’s brilliant animated look at Aphasia is a must see.Aphasia is a disease which messes with a person’s ability do deal with language. It’s not a loss of intelligence but rather the brain won’t let you communicate as you did. Words lose their meaning.

The film is an explanation of what the disease is as well as jarring simulation of what it is like to have it.

I was rocked.  This glorious piece of filmmaking is exactly what films should do, which is give us a chance to experience something outside our lives.

Running just under four minutes the film is as good as films can get.

A look at the film the lives of geese in today's world.

While nominally a documentary/essay hybrid the film is instead a soul crushing dystopian look at a species displaced by humanity.  We go from seeing them in their wild splendor  and watch as they fly into civilization where the look like avian homeless people setting up nests where they can, fighting a losing game with traffic and being forced to feed on things we throw away. It’s heart breaking.

This is a film that will make you hate humanity and make you want to destroy everywhere people live. It isn’t possible but you’ll want to do it because you will feel so much for the geese.

A must see film.

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