Friday, September 8, 2023

Angel's Egg (1985) plays the Japan Society on 9/10 with a Q&A with Yoshitaka Amano

With ANGEL"S EGG playing at the Japan Society on September 10 here is a repost of my 2004 review from IMDB

This is a snail paced film effectively set in the mind of the artist Yoshitaka Amano who did the design work for the film. Its the cinematic version of one of his paintings. Which is a good thing since the story of a wanderer in a land and time far from here, who meets a young girl with some kind of egg, is as slow and monotonous as my description of it. Not a lot happens, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look nicely dark and brooding.

Should you see the film? That would depend on how much you like your form over substance since, as I've said, the visuals are everything in this story. One word of advice you may want to turn the sound off and put your own music to it since it may play better.

As this posts the 6PM screening with the Q&A has  Sold out. An additional screening has been added at 330PM which will have an appearance by Amano but no Q&A.

For tickets and information go here.

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