Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Falling Stars (2023) Fantastic Fest


This is a small gem of a film. Wonderfully not what you expect, this is a film you really need to see.

The plot as stated by the press material is that several friends go to see the body of the witch one of the group had shot out of the sky and then buried in the desert. In the process of digging her up they desecrate the body. Weird things begin to happen and the group now have to burn her body before sunrise.

While nominally a horror film, there is so much more going on. This is a film of relationships, friends and life as lived. The relationships feel real and while the film is about things that go bump in the night the film feels real. If not for the subject this could almost be a documentary since the conversations don't feel written but created in the moment. The words are spoken as if they are being done by real people and not characters.  We fall into the the film as a result.

A minimalist film, FALLING STARS has almost no effects, Yes there is a body and some falling stars but the truth is there is nothing flashy. As with the dialog, the look of the film is realistic. There is no big effects scenes, it's all real world and we are better for it.

This is a beautifully made film. As a film fan I love what directors Gabriel Bienczycki and Richard Karpala  have done. They have made a deeply effecting and magical film simply by having an excellent cast interact on screen. Its the opposite of almost any other horror film you've ever seen. It's a film where they let the story work it's magic and they don't fancy it up because it doesn't need it. Why be flashy when the film doesn't need it.

What an absolute delight.

FALLING STARS is a truly special horror film.

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