Tuesday, July 2, 2024

COLD BLOWS THE WIND (2024) hits VOD July 2

A couple run over a jogger in a drunk driving accident. Instead of calling the cops they take the body into the country with the intention of burying the body only to find there are complications.

Supernatural thriller with a dose of humor has some wicked moments but never quite gets the tone quite right. The problem is that instead of playing this straight the film has a thread of humor running through it all which takes the edge off everything. We are not pulled into events but kept outside and as such there is no real suspense.

It doesn't help that the the film is shot so that it looks less like real events, but like a movie with striking colored lighting and camera placement that largely gives us an artificial distance from events. It looks like a low budget TV show and not anything close to reality.

While I liked the film I kept wishing that the filmmakers played it straighter and with less tongue in cheek.

Worth a look for the moments that work.

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