Monday, July 8, 2024

HEART OF AN OAK (2023) 7/12 in the UK


HEART OF AN OAK is a look at the animals living in and around an oak tree in France over the course of a year. We watch as the eat, fight, mate and everything in between.

This is the sort of film that used to play limited runs in theaters in the 60’s, 70’s an 80’s before these sort of films shifted to cable and stations like Discovery or Smithsonian. It’s a modern take on Disney’s Wilderness Adventures. It's a film I would have eaten up as a kid where the thought of seeing the animals on the big screen would have delighted me.

As an adult I really liked this a great deal.  It was so cool at times that I really wish I was sitting in the old Cove Theater back in 1974. The  awesome micro-photography made the thought of seeing them on a huge screen (the Cove was an old school movie palace)  made me sad I didn't manage it.

This is good stuff and worth a look when it opens in the UK Friday. 

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