Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The Box Man (2024) Japan Cuts 2024

Those who obsess about the box man become the box man

Gakuryu Ishii tells the story of a "box man", a man who lives inside a cardboard box. Based on a novel by  Kobe Abe, this film follows the Box Man as he talks about his life and his haunted by a photographer who is obsessed by him

Contemplating this film during the long period of time between watching and writing I think THE BOX MAN maybe Ishii's best film. A perfect marriage of story and cinematic skill this is a film that  perfectly showcases Ishii's skills as a filmmaker to tell a story that rocks us. I know that's an odd thing to say especially since Isshi has been rattling the pillars of cinematic heaven ince 1980's CRAZY THUNDER ROAD, but it maybe true. I know I will need to see the film again to be certain.

Even if it isn't Ishii's best, it's still a hell of a film and a must see. 

Feeling like a film from the 1970's with modern sensibilities the film is a heady mix of thought provoking ideas and off kilter turns. Sure the basic notion that we are all in our own boxes is there but at the same time there is so much more going on. Trust me on this there is plenty to think about on every level.

If you love movies or cinema or film you need to see this film. This is the sort of film that any lover of cinematic storytelling is going to eat up.

One of the great films at Japan Cuts.

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