Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carriers (2009)

Two brothers and two girls are traveling cross-country trying to avoid those who are infected with a horrible disease which has killed most of the population. They are doing okay until they run across a father and his infected daughter, who are looking to get to a government clinic with a serum that promises a cure. The two groups are forced through circumstances to hook up, and the journey changes their outlooks on the situation. It also marks the beginning of events moving out of everyone's control (or at least the realization that things are not in their control).

Small scale film is a nice compliment to films like 28 Days Later or even the recent zombie cycle, though there are no crazed cannibals or walking dead here. It's a dark horror tale more about the horrors of life then of monsters and madmen. How would we react to a situation like this? This might be an indication of what we might do.

I like that the film doesn't fully tell us everything that happened before. Things are not overly explained. We're given enough to work things out for ourselves, and it's more frightening that way. It's not a perfect film, but it is compelling and tense. It's a good enough film to make me wonder why it didn't get a big release. Perhaps the lack of monsters, and its reasonably realistic (and bleak) nature have made it a film the studio doesn't know how to market.

I really like this film, it's a nice find. Recommended. Currently out on DVD

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