Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guilty As Hell (1932)

This film is a neat little mystery. It's a well made piece of Hollywood entertainment that uses every trick you can think of to draw you in and hold your attention.

The plot has a wealthy doctor killing his wife and framing a neighbor for the crime. We know he did it, and we watch as he sets everything up for the frame to work (as has been aptly pointed out, like an episode of Columbo). Coming to investigate is police detective Victor McLaglen and his friend and frequent rival Edmund Lowe, who is a reporter. The pair at first think things are clear cut but soon Lowe, thanks to the dead man's sister, begins to see they made a terrible mistake.

Good mystery is lifted up a couple of notches thanks to the two leads, whose constant bickering and friendly kidding add to the proceedings. Honestly the pair is what makes this film a must see. The film is nothing if not a precursor to today's buddy films.

A film to search out.

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