Friday, September 24, 2010

Twitter, NYFF, thanks and other stuff

Today we've got lots of updates and random links.

First up Unseen Films is now on Twitter. Ken has made an account and we'll (he'll) be posting links to what we're posting here and anything else that can fit into 140 characters. Perhaps that will include instant reports from say, the New York Film Festival.

Speaking of the New York Film Festival, it officially starts later today.

For me the actual events will (hopefully)start tomorrow with the Directors Dialog with David Fincher.

As you know my back has reduced my ability to go to screenings but in fairness I really haven’t missed much. Yes I did miss Robinson in Ruins and Uncle Bonmee on Tuesday, but other than that I’ve only missed one other press screening that I had intended to see, Lennon NYC Wednesday morning. It’s on PBS in a couple of weeks and because of my back I decided discretion is the better part of valor and I passed. I will be missing the screenings today of Social Network and Film Socialism. There was to be a third screening of Avant Garde titles but that’s been canceled. Since my doctor wants me to rest a and since seeing Social Network may require traveling around the city I’m passing, more so when the bits on Godard’s Film Socialism I’ve read have been less than stellar.

Not to worry I have plenty more to see. If I manage to attend all of the films and events it will be an additional 13 films and events. (Current score I’ve seen two, missed five and had one canceled. As for my back that's pinched nerve).

We're beginning a project of going back to fix the old posts.I’ve been rereading some of the early posts and I’ve found that there are some problems with a number of them, and now we're going to be going back and fixing the mistakes.

If you’ve been reading for any amount of time I think you’ll have noticed that my level of typos, and other errors has gone down. I think part of this is because writing regularly for a real audience I’ve gotten better. Mostly it’s due to the diligent work of Ken who has taken it upon himself to be the Editor and Chief of the blog. He’s double checking everything I do. He’s also a sounding board and general partner in crime (A couple of things planned are the result of his kibitzing). I would be remiss if I didn’t thank him publicly for all of the seemingly thankless work he’s been doing. Its not thankless and it is much appreciated. (And since Ken has become Editor and Chief you’re probably wondering my title- Overlord. I’ll leave my other cohorts to tell you their titles)

Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted some links so I’m going to do so again. I freely admit some were stolen from IMDB.

Back in Mayl I reviewed The Last Train Home about the annual migration of workers in Chinat from the city to the country and back again for the New Year holidays. The Leonard Lopate Show had a good interview with the director a couple of weeks back to mark its wide release into theaters.

A piece on the inspiration for Dog Day Afternoon

When actors turn on their movies.

Did you ever wonder what it would cost to repair movie damage if it was real?

Is The Man Who Killed Don Quixote the worlds unluckiest film?

If you're in NYC and don't want to go to the NYFF, The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival is also this Weekend.

Tying into this weekends double feature, the question to has any Science Fiction film changed the world? has been answered.

Martin Scorsese picks the best gangster films

Did you have a Krull wedding?

Roger Ebert on 3 Chuck Jones films

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