Sunday, January 2, 2011

Worst Films of 2010 (also the disappointments)

The first of two year end posts concerning the best, the worst and the neat finds of the year. I'm starting off with the worst films because at the end of the year one wants to get the trash out early.

Actually I'm starting with the disappointments. A few films that simply were not all I hoped they would be or should be.

Lovely Bones-Peter Jackson miss the mark. Yes, it looks good but what did he see in the book that resulted in this misfire?

Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus-Terry Gilliam's most personal film has some stunning visual moments and wonderful sequences but it never hangs together.

Mai Mai Miracle- great looking animated film was so bland that when the film went out of frame at the NYICFF screening I attended, no one said anything for a good long time.

Metropia-An interesting look is all this film has. Mostly its a film that confuses silence and darkness for mystery and tries to makes us frightened of shampoo.

Confessions- Jaw droppingly nasty tale of revenge is a potential Oscar nominee. Its a slick confection that rocked some in the audience at the NYAFF, while others like me found all we could do was admire it. (The disappointment for me is that it just misses being on the best films of the year list)

Toy Story 3- Its not that good. I'll explain in about three weeks.

Inception-If you've been reading you know my thoughts on this one.

The Tempest-Julie Taymor and Shakespeare-it should have been a lock as to quality, instead it was laughably bad and an embarrassment. It stays off the worst of the year list because the acting is good enough that it isn't a total failure.

And now the Worst Films I saw in 2010:

Paranormal Entity- attempt to cash in on the success of Paranormal Activity. It's one of those films that does wrong everything the film it's aping did right. Worst of all it's just plain stupid.

Sands of Oblivion-Is is a joke or serious? Who cares it's awful.

Circle of 8- Really bad web serial makes a worse feature film when you can see all the stupidity in one place. The weird multiple reality attempt never amounts to much and taken all at once is revealed to be even stupider then it was in installments.

2022 Tsunami-Preachy Thai disaster film has poor effects and worse acting. However they are far out paced by a script that is among the worst I've ever seen.

Look @ Me-Terrible film about a webcam girl being kidnapped and tortured.

Himalaya Singh- Ka-Fai Wai's wildly unfocused film about the nature of reality is a poor comedy that ultimately is one long shaggy dog story.(and a not very funny one)

Buried Land- The worst film I've seen at a film festival. A terrible film. Responsible for my new guiding principle:If you think the film will get better if someone walks into the mine field, no one will ever do so. In other words if you think a bad movie will get better if a certain something will happen, it never will, so just go home.

Zaat-Rightly on IMDB's worst films of all time list. Its a terrible man in a monster suit film.

Annyong Yamika- Too long examination of the life of a porn actress. Why was this two hours?

Storm Warriors- Great visual effects sunk by an awful script. One of the worst sequel/remake/comic adaptions you'll ever see.

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