Thursday, January 27, 2011

Run Salaryman Run: The films of Sabu- A teaser about the first night

It's been a long day. I was meeting Mondocurry in Manhattan so we could go see Monday the first offering at the Japan Society's retrospective of the films of Sabu.

Sabu is an actor who is one of the best directors working in the world today.He is, as a he joked this evening, a genius. Unfortunately because his films are unavailable in the US no one really knows his work unless they are willing to hunt down his films from places around the world (trust me even Yes Asia and other sites are little help in getting the films).

The plan was to meet, get food and then go to the movie. The winter weather kind of cooperated and It only took me a half an hour extra to get in. The allowed enough time for me to woof down a piece of pizza before we hustled off to the screening.

The screening was introduced by Sabu, who did a Q&A afterward. It was his first US visit and it was great to be there. (Details will be coming at a later time)

The movie was a blast, and it too will be getting a full review later, I think Mondocurry and I are going to draw lots to see who actually writes it up. For now just know that its about a man who wakes up in a hotel room with no idea how he got there. He then starts to remember...and we go from there. Its not what you expect, trust me...

After the film I met Sabu and told him how much I liked his films. They are unlike anyone elses films anywhere, so how can you not. I also got my copy of Postman Blues signed.

As I keep saying there is more to tell all around but since it's after 230AM and I spent over two hours getting home in a foot of snow I'm deferring it until another time. Just know a wonderful time was had by all, at least on this end.

For now follow the link to the Japan Society above and find a screening of a Sabu film and go. His films can not be had in the US and he's too important a director for you not to be watching his films. They are running six films over two weeks. As things stand now some one from this blog will be at at least two more of the screenings (Drive and Troubleman) though we're talking about seeing more.

And now bed time for me.

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