Monday, January 3, 2011

Best of 2010

The best...well not so much the best is favorite films of 2010. I'm not going to go into a long rehashing of all of these since I've written them up already. The films in no particular order:

Into Eternity- A must see meditation on the nature of nuclear waste and forever. (this is getting a release in a couple of weeks)

Keep Surfing- One of the best sports documentaries you will ever see on a sport you never heard of.

Rough For Theater 2-Samuel Beckett done wonderfully

Endgame- Beckett that is more than a play

Bodyguards and Assassins-A kick ass action film that breaks your heart and makes you feel.

Secret of Kells-One of the best animated films you'll ever see. A moving work of art.

In The Attic-One of the most fun animated films you'll ever see. Why isn't this available to everyone?

Girl with The Dragon Tattoo- A great thriller. Why are they even bothering to remake this? The sin is that Noomi Rapace seems to have fallen out of favor for an acting Oscar. It's the best female performance I've seen in 2010.

Alice in Wonderland- Tim Burton's rethink/sequel is pure magic

Road,Movie- I watched this four times in four days.

Possession- A terrifying mediation on belief with real scares. Now to find a copy on DVD that I can share.

Tsar-more mediation's on what does God want and the dangers of dictatorial rule.

Island- Beautiful companion piece to Tsar.

King Kong on the Big Screen-Seeing something again for the first time and getting kicked to the curb

Memories of MatsukoProfoundly moving film that can't get a US release because its so damn sad.

Live Tape-One of the best concert films ever made.

Little Pond- Devastating look at the insanity of war is probably the best film I saw all year, but I never want to see it again.

The A-Team- Great mindless summer action

Stake Land- One of the best horror films of the last 20 years or more. A game changer

Reign of the Assassins-Wonderful blending of action romance and soap opera. And Michelle Yeoh is a goddess.

Little Big Soldier-There is no US release planned for Jackie Chan's best film ever. It so good he should get an Oscar for his performance. A masterpiece.

Blood and Rain-I have been haunted by this film since I saw, probably more than any other on this list. Way better than I first thought, its a film that needs to be seen my more people because it has to mess up more people.

The Red Riding Trilogy-The hunt for a serial killer over a decade. I haven't reviewed this here, but I will.

Aftershock-The aftermath of an earthquake kicked me to the curb.

Gallants-The best bunch of characters I met all year. This needs a US release.

Machete- A perfect recreation of grindhouse fare.

And the pieces---

Michael Douglas is great in Solitary Man, in a performance that deserves an Oscar not pity.

Filippo Timi is beyond words in Vincere

Edgar Ramirez gives one of the best performances of the year in Carlos, but it will be completely passed over by the Oscars because this started as a TV movie.

I loved the end of Johnny You're Wanted.

Some of the shots in Crimson Wing reduced me to tears.

But that's not all here are some of the the almost great discoveries of the year:

Marooned- A great Chinese film about a cop trying to help his cousin and it all going wrong.

Book of Eli

Survival of the Dead or George Romero makes a great film once more.

20th Century Boys complete. Three films telling one mammoth story over almost 8 hours. Its a wonderful glorious mess that will move you, stimulate you and rock your world. (A review of this is coming soon)

Tian An Men- decorating the Tian An Men gates. A small scale little film that defines what this web site is all about.

Development Hell- the decades long attempt to make Bodyguards and Assassins. Its a wonderful making of that equals that film its about (and its a film that the Producers of Bodyguards wants never to be seen)

Mutant Girls Squad Sushi Typhoon film that came out of the 2009 New York Asian Film Festival when three directors got drunk and vowed to work together. Its an un PC gore version of X-Men and a total blast.

Megamind-A great superhero movie, a wonderful companion piece to Iron Giant

Sophie's RevengeThe best romantic Comedy Hollywood never made.

The 8000 Miles films are joyous Japanese rap films about doing what you love.

Scandal Makers- A wonderful joyous film that Hollywood is going to ruin when they remake it.

Summer Wars- This just missed going on the best of the year. What a way to start the NYICFF with a often perfect examination of life in both the real and cyber worlds. As much as I love the film I've been too close to it with multiple visits to the theater to see it and extolling it way too much for my own good.

Tron Legacy- A late in the day addition- This is SOOOOO much better than the reviews have made it out to be. I think this film will get a better reputation when the film is seen on TV when the layers of the story will be revealed to be much better than the spectacle that overwhelms it.

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