Saturday, January 29, 2011

My NYICFF Choices, Tim Minchin in New York and some links from IMDB and elsewhere

The tickets went on sale yesterday for The New York International Children's Film Festival and I picked up tickets today. There is a chance that I'll add more, but for now I have tickets to 8 screenings. For the curious the choices are as follows:

Opening Night: Mars Needs Moms - In all honesty I don't need to do this, or see it since I'm not a fan of motion capture and they radically redid the book, but it's Opening Night which means its a a hell of a lot of fun.

The Dreams of Jinsha

The Storyteller Show

Welcome to the Space Show

The Time of Eve

A Cat in Paris

The Two Short Film collections

Yes its animation heavy, but my choices always tend toward animation- though things like Boy or Aurelie Laflamme's Diary may end up on my dance card.

I'll be writing more down the line but for now it's just waiting.

Next up-
Comedian Tim Minchin, who's work we reviewed in So Live and Rock and Roll Nerd The Tim Minchin Story , is playing New York's Gramercy Theater May 4th. Check Live Nation for tickets. Everyone here at Unseen Films are big fans having seen him when he last passed our way. We will be there in May . If you want to have a good time and are in the New York City area go. If you're not sure go to You Tube and look him up.

Lastly I'm leaving you with some links and such mostly lifted from IMDB:

Odd movie sets at Popular Mechanics

Movie Locations around the world here and here

Disney poster mash ups

The trouble with subtitling Jeff Bridges in True Grit can be found here.

Walter Mirsch tells Roger Ebert why 3D will never work in the movies. And this sparks further discussion.

Why do some movies crash and burn here and are mega hits elsewhere is pondered here.

I've added to the sidebar under useful links. If you like Korean film this is one of the best places to look around. Its not really encyclopedic but it is damn good writing.

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