Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take Off (2009): The second of the Korean Cultural Services screenings for 2011

I promise to find a better title for the next post in two weeks.

This is going to be short and sweet because it's getting late and if the weather holds I have a screening at the Japan Society tomorrow night. Actually its not so much that I need to rush off, it's more that I am tired and I really want to take the time out to really write up the film properly. The best way I can explain why is to say that me and the two nice Korean ladies were quietly sobbing in the back row of the theater and I want to get that feeling down properly.

Yes I finally made it to the KCS screenings. Mondocurry had to brow beat me to get me there but I made it. I was disappointed that the concession stand was not open so I didn't have dinner until I got home a short time ago.

When I arrived I was handed some info on the film, the next film and the entire series KCS events for this month and the next. I was then directed to the theater that was having the screening and I took a seat in the back. Waiting for the film to start I marveled at how full it was. Every seat wasn't taken but it was close.

At show time Grady from the New York Asian Film Festival bounded down the aisle and did his talk about the film, the series and then he left saying the film was a long one at two and a half hours.(Its running time was about 10 minutes shorter than advertised running only two and a quarter hours)

The film concerns the efforts of Korea to get the Winter Olympics. IOC will not give it them because they feel they don't love winter sports enough. Seeking to prove them wrong, or at least trick them, they field a ski jump team and send them off for training- mostly on water slides. (work with me here its a true story and often very funny). Needless to say everyone is a character and how things go are not what you expect. The upshot of all of this is lots of laughs, lots of happy tears (seriously) and a general good time will be had by all.

How good a time, well before I wrote this up I checked Yes Asia to see if I can get a copy- yes I can,and yes I will.

You really want to see this if you get the chance because it is that good.... okay I won't be on my Best of 2011 list but it will be on my list of finds and I will be subjecting friends and family to it. As I said a full review will follow but for now go find the damn movie and watch it.

I had a good time tonight and as of right now I'm planning on going to the next screening in the series- though there is a chance it may not happen since it's going to come at the end of a week long stretch were I'm in and out of Manhattan four times in days and the film will be the fifth time in seven days. We'll see.

A word of warning the next film is called Lifting King Kong and is about women's power lifting. Apparently its VERY graphic in showing injuries to the lifters and is prone to make people ill. If you have a strong stomach I recommend you try the series since so far the choices I and Mondocurry have seen are choice. (The next film is February 8 at 7pm, doors open at 630)

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