Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wings of Honneamise (1987) (aka Royal Space Force)

Masterpiece of animation seems to have fallen between the cracks. Actually I don't think the film has much of a reputation outside of the people who've seen it. I think the film has completely fallen between the cracks and fallen off the face of the earth thanks to the short memories of many animation fans and their need for the next big animated film from the current hot animator.

The film tells the story of a world at war. As the countries of the world try to blow each other up, a handful of military men struggle desperately to get a rocket off the ground and into space. The film follows one of the candidates as he struggles to get into the program, and then to make something of himself.

This is a very human story that is really about the people involved. Its not about the science or the science fiction elements its about the people and how they interact. I love that our hero is not perfect. At first he's a slacker and then he slowly changes into something finer...but not before he takes several missteps.

This is a grand adventure plays like an alternate history of the world until the very last moment which reveals it to be set somewhere else. Its a moment that not only changes the game but also is one of the most beautiful and triumphant in film history. I was floored.

I love this film a great deal. Even though this is one of the my favorite films it's not one of the films I watch frequently. Its a film that I don't need to see over and over again simply because this is a film that is part of me and I need only to think about it to relive the pain and joy of this film.

You need to see this film. This is one of those great animated films that needed to be animated because the cost of doing the film live action would have assured it never got made. Its also one of the great animated films that really should have the animated dropped from it's description since it's actually just a great film.

You need to see this film.

Currently out on DVD.

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