Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Korean Films, good movies and other things

A few random things here and there.

First up the Korean Cultural Service screenings at the Tribeca Cinemas continue Tuesday with the first of four independent films. Most films in Korea are not made independently, but there are a few every now and again and they usually break the mold and shake things up about what you think is a Korean film.

The first film is Re-Encounter. It's the story a young woman who is confronted by the boy who got her prgnant when they were 18. He informs her that they child they believed had died is actually still alive. Its a shattering bit of information that changes both of their lives. I've seen the film and it's very good. A review will run here tomorrow night. However in all honesty you shouldn't wait to read it, just make plans to go see the film because it's worth the effort.

Re-Encounter will be followed every two weeks by another film, Missing Person on the 24th, Vegetarian June 7th and Cafe Noir on the 21st. We’ll be putting up coverage and reviews of each film. Don’t worry we’ll remind you as each screening approaches.

A few Random links and notes:

What it's like to premiere your film at Tribeca can be found here.

Friend of Unseen Films Rob K Elder talks about his book "Movies That Changed My Life" here.

Apparently Blackthorn which failed to impress me at the just finished Tribeca Film Festival, has been picked up by Magnolia for a fall theatrical release.

Another note from Tribeca is that Talihina Sky, the messy film about the Kings of Leon was only screened as a work in progress. I hope this means that the film will be recut and reordered so that the great film locked in the mess that it is now is released.

Magnolia is sending one of this years best films 13 Assassins to DVD on July 5th. Thats also the same day as Hobo With a Shot Gun.

City of Life and Death which we reviewed back in May of last years has finally hit US theaters with a run at NYC's Film Forum. Its a must see that will knock your socks off.

The Museum of the Moving Image is doing an exhibition dedicated to Jim Henson starting in July. The few details announced can be found here.

I should also mention that Lincoln Center is running a couple of series, Norman Jewison, Elizabeth Taylor and Taiwanese Cinema that are worth checking out.

If you haven't checked out the first press release concerning the New York Asian FIlm Festival I suggest you do so. There are some real winners coming, including Reign of Assassins, which was on my best of 2010 list, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (A film so good we've reviewed it twice), plus a Tsui Hark series and a Wu Xia series. Destils can be found here. The full line up comes May 26th so keep reading.

An aside about what Unseen Films is all about...

I was talking to someone from my day job who started reading this blog several weeks before Tribeca and they commented how they were shocked at how we at Unseen Films tend to like everything. ’Other than some of the Tribeca films, every film you review you are pretty much are recommending “

I kind of shrugged and wasn't sure what to say. I thought pointing out good films was what this blog was all about (that is the mandate in the header). I thought it was clear that other than the occasional On Further Review, special series or something we see at an event (Tribeca) we were trying to stay away from the bad films. We are not trying to review everything good bad or indifferent- rather we’re just trying to shine a light on things you might have missed and may want to see. I mean some films should remain unseen, so why talk about them?.

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