Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home (2009)

Amazing documentary showing the beauty and wonder of our home, the earth.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand filmed the majesty of the world from above. It's a stunning look at the planet both in it's natural and it's man made beauty.

Narrated by Glenn Close in the English version the film is a plea to stop the destruction we are causing on many parts of the planet. If there is a weak spot in the film it's that the narration can be a little to arch and meaningful. For me the beauty of the images is enough.

This is a film to make you go WOW.

I saw this on DVD, which is fine, especially on a big screen TV, except that having seen the film, I could kick myself for missing the chance to have seen the film, for free, in a theater a few weeks back when the film ran for a week at theater in Manhattan.

Out on DVD and available via the films website which links to the film on You Tube.

A must see for anyone who loves the beauty of the world.

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