Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tribeca On Line: The Shorts

This is a few brief words on the shorts I saw on line. I didn't watch everything, but what I felt in the mood for and what I could see before the access disappeared(Though I did manage to see Braid which seemed not to be functioning, thanks to a link provided by Chun-Yi Hsieh the director. That film is just too damn good to be relegated to a slot here and will have it's own review going up in a day or so.)

Beaufort Diaries
Animated tale of a polar bear in the big city. Nicely done.

Bye Bye Super 8
Tribute to the end of Super 8 Kodachrome film via images captured over the years. I was moved since it kicked up feelings in the long time filmmaker in me.

Current (Reprise)
Haunting documentary of the paper and streamers left in the wake of NYC's first ticker tape parade after 911. I really wish I had seen this on the big screen.

Dungeon Master
Hip guys decide to play Dungeons and Dragons only they need a Dungeon Master and end up getting more than they bargained for. Amusing tale is lessened by a style that made the film look and feel like an extended commercial for something.

Filmpiece for Bartlett
Abstract images is the least of any of the similar films from this years crop.

Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot
Documentary of the garden that was paved over for a parking spot. Okay.

Green Wave
Visually arresting film of an ocean wave turned on its head. I loved the images but hated the strobing effects.

Amazing self help guru has deep depression. And I should care? Sorry, that's snide but the film is just too long and too conventional for me to care for 25 minutes.

Harmonium Mountain
Philip Glass music accompanies the manipulation of an image of Mount Soporis in Colorado. That will will either excite you or scare you. I thought it was neat and regret not seeing this on a big screen.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation
Animated tale set to a poem read by Ian McKellan about a boy dealing with loss. Its a film that has moments that wonderfully charts their own territory in the Tim Burton Edward Gorey territory. Other moments are more conventional and less exciting which lessens the over all effect. Worth a look for the moments when it soars.

Not Over Easy
Goofy in the wrong sort of way about a woman seeing her wonky relationship played out by eggs. Not all that clever or amusing.

One Day I Forgot and Used My Hands
Trippy collection of images from a camera with no lens. Neat.

Preferably Blue
Yet another pissed off Easter Bunny tale. The story doesn't match the wonderful animation.

Gorgeous black and white animated film about people sleeping...its like watching someones dream. Wow.

Strips of a burlesque strip tease films rearranged for effect. I got up and got a glass of water in the middle of this...not a good sign.

Year Zero
Overlong animated tale of a zombie take over of the world. It hits too many cliches for it to be worth seeing if you've seen a lot of similar movies.

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