Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nawa Deka aka Rope Detective

We're taking a couple of weeks off before getting to our last weekend of Morbius films. Eden is off on assignment the next two weeks so I'm back to programming things. Next weekend will be several films that tie into the Memorial day weekend. This weekend however we're taking a walk on the wild side with two films set in the Japanese sex industry. First up: Nawa Deka, a conventional murder mystery spiced up by it's setting.

How you react to this movie will depend on your tolerance for the ability of Japanese film makers to mix genres with the greatest of ease in order to make unique concoctions. Nawa Deka or the Rope Detective is an off beat mix of bondage, mystery and comedy that comes together in a rather one of a kind film.

The film tells the story of a guy who is very good at using ropes to tie up women for erotic photo shoots. As one women he's working on says, "you're very good, it doesn't hurt at all". The guy also works at a bondage club where S&M shows are put on. It isn't long before he's hip deep into a couple of side problems, one involving the missing sister of a woman he rescues and the other the death of a woman at friends house and who was being chased by the yakuza.

Its a story similar to ones you've seen a dozen times before but told with a new angle that makes it worth your time and popcorn. At first, as we see the first photo shoot, the film is somewhat erotic then as things progress and we see the matter of fact attitude of the crew the eroticism wears off and we're left giggling at the silliness of it all. Clearly this is a film thats going to put a spin on your expectations. I liked that the film drew you in with the promise of sex and then pulled the rug out from under you, leaving you instead in the company of some rather interesting characters. And make no mistake about it the reason that the film works is because you genuinely like the people on the screen. The main characters are actually just a bunch of ordinary people on the fringe of society where bondage is just a job. You feel their pain and happiness because they really are just like the rest of us.

I really liked this film a great deal. To be honest its probably not the 8 out of 10 that I've rated it at IMDB, but given that its a genuinely good movie that is pretty much unlike any other that I've ever seen I've had to give it a coupe of extra points. By being unique its gone from being a run of the mill mystery comedy that I just watched and enjoyed, and turned into something that I'll remember and can recommend to those who want to see something familiar done differently.

Be warned you will see nudity and bondage so if that sort of thing on the face of it upsets you look elsewhere. Also there can be a hard edge to some of the violence so this is definitely a hard R rated film.

If you can find yourself a copy do see it. I suggest trying places like Video Search of Miami

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