Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scoutman (2000)

Parts of this film disturbed me. Parts of this left me wondering what its all about.

Very simply put this is the story of a couple who end up in Japan's porn business. It is an eye opening look at how things are done in another country. We watch as a young man becomes a scout-man, a person who accosts women on the street in a large Japanese city talking them into appearing in porn films or nude layouts. Eventually the girl drifts into the business and the whole thing puts a strain on the relationship. A good deal more happens and doesn't happen. Its kind of a weird slice of life thats almost cinema verite in style.

Its an odd film, that I'm not sure I liked completely. Its been ages since I've seen it and I'm still trying to put my feelings together about it. This is definitely not your typical run of the mill film. Its a something that would make for an interesting addition to a film festival of porn related films like Boogie Nights and Hardcore. Though say what you will the fact that the film has hung with me so long after I've seen it says a great deal.

If you're adventurous I'd give it a try. I can't say what you'll make of it but it will certainly not be your typical night at the movies.

Currently available in the US as an import DVD.

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