Monday, May 30, 2011

What is not playing at this years New York Asian FIlm Festival (amended)

A little while ago the powers that be at the NYAFF started tweeting the films that would not be on the list when the schedule when it comes out tomorrow. I had spoken to Grady about the Yamato situation this past Tuesday, he wouldn't go into any of the others since he was heartbroken that some of them didn't fall the right way.

For those not following Subway Cinema's Twitter account I present the list of films not playing this years festival as tweeted:

Today, in an effort to lessen disappointment after tomorrow's lineup announcement, we'll list some movies you WON'T be seeing at NYAFF 2011.

As just mentioned, you won't be seeing Hitoshi Matsumoto's SAYA SAMURAI

Also not at NYAFF: SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. Sorry, folks; we tried so hard on this one. But distrib shenanigans have been ongoing for 6 mo's

Another one to file under distrib shenanigans: WU XIA. Saw it at Cannes, loved it, wanted to book it. But it's being recut & rescored, so no

We'd be willing to bet that neither of those previous two titles will ever see the light of a projector lamp in North America

Titles not ready for us that we were interested in: Hong Kong exploitation fest NAKED SOLDIER, Korean 3D monster movie SECTOR 7. Too early

Also too early for Soi Cheang's MOTORWAY (looks awesome), and Taiwan war epic SEEDIQ BALE. Ditto Ning Hao's NO MAN'S LAND, now in limbo.

Also not screening at NYAFF 2011: 3D SEX AND ZEN. We tried, they requested opening night, we laughed and said 'thanks - we'll letcha know'

Also no KING NARESUAN 3 for us. We sought Thai gov't support but couldn't get it, and the film slipped off our radar.

We tried but failed to book the CHINESE GHOST STORY remake as part of our wu xia focus program. Chalk that one up to distributor craziness.

So many high-profile targets weren't available this year we decided to increase the # of retro screenings. That's what WE'd rather watch!

A reminder that we still have nearly fifty awesome movies to show you, including two World, three International & ten N American premieres!

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