Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hold that Hypnotist (1957)

One of the final Bowery Boys films when the only one left was Sach.

When Louie died, he was played by Leo Gorcey's dad, the desire to keep making the films went out of Gorcey and some of the others. The studio however soldiered on with Huntz Hall and brought in a few others including a new character named Duke. The films are fine but really are not Bowery Boys films.

The plot has the boys land lady deciding to be regressed to a past life... Wanting to prove the guy a fraud the boys show up at a press conference with the doctor. A challenge is laid down to prove it all as real, however instead of Duke being put under, it's Sach who regresses back to the time of Blackbeard where he ends up with a map of the treasure. Everyone thinks its a joke until they find that what Sach says pans out. Its then a race to re-hypnotize Sach and then find the treasure.

This is a good film that is a little too slow even at an hour. It's an enjoyable time killer either way.The problem is that the film really isn't a Bowery Boys film even if we do get Sach. The boys were a different make up of characters and this, while good is something else entirely.

Still its worth a look if you run across it.

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  1. Since the departure's of Louie and Slip Mahoney,The Bowery Boys we're never the same.