Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Beaver and Brighton Rock in brief, plus NYFF info and some links

As August ends and September begins I want to talk about two movies you may want to keep an eye out for, talk about our plans for the New York Film Festival and to give you a few links.

First up quick word on two movies I saw to day, one that's on DVD and one that's in theaters. One if not both will get full reviews later.

Jodie Foster's film The Beaver was to be the come back film for Mel Gibson. The trouble was Gibson's life exploded and no one wanted to see the film... or so Hollywood pundits would tell you. The real story is that even if Gibson hadn't imploded no one would have gone to the film, its simply too dark a film to be a popular hit.

The Beaver may not be popular hit material, however it is probably one of the best films of the year. This is a dark but often funny and frequently uncomfortably heartbreaking film. There is hope, but mostly this is 90 minutes in a dark place.

At it's center is a performance from Mel Gibson that should have been an Oscar lock but will be completely over looked. You've never seen anything like this...Its award worthy but has been completely over looked.

I'm going to write this film up properly shortly but for know know you really should see this film. It's out on DVD and pay per view and worth your time (though be warned its a dark film)

Brighton Rock is a based on an a Graham Greene novel. Its the story of a young thug who marries a waitress to help cover up a murder. However his cohorts begin to have doubts about him and things begin to get out of control.

An earlier film version starred Richard Attenborough and wad his break through performance. This time out the role of Pinkie Brown is played by Sam Riley who looks good but is shown up by his co-stars Helen Mirren, John Hurt and Andy Serkis. Actually the whole film has a better look than the story requires with the result the film's look overwhelms the gritty story. The result is a neo-noir film that seems to be playing dress up.

Currently out in theaters here in the US and on IFC in Theaters pay per view the film is worth seeing---however I would go pay per view since it's gonna be a cheaper.

There is just a month until the start of the New York Film Festival and this year there is too many good things in the cue. Worse with the new film center open it's going to be really hard to see everything since almost everything conflicts with something else. If you're going you are going to have to pick and choose. Even with Bully, John and myself having press passes we're going to have to struggle to see a large number of the films. There just is too much going on.

As always since films should be seen with an audience of real people we're making plans to see films with the general public (I am dying to see the reaction for Paradise Lost 3). As things stand right now we have tickets for about 9 public screenings and special events and we're trying to work out how to see more. I'm also working on getting reports on a few more from friends we're pressing into service.

If you thought our Tribeca and NYAFF coverage was detailed, there is a really good chance our NYFF is going to be equally insane.

I should point out that despite this years Film Festival overlapping both the New Yorker Festival and New York Comicon, we'll be doing our best to bring you reviews of most of the films cover the other two events as well...

I hope you like our "real time" coverage because we're going to be flooding you with it.

Okay enough serious stuff, time for fluffy stuff. Here are a bunch of links from Randi, IMDB and elsewhere.

Harsh Words between filmmakers.

The Muppets Sing.Follow links on the page for more songs.

A BBC discussion of to determine what film music to use on a live broadcast on film music is found here. Joining Mark and Simon are critic Andrew Collins, singer Paloma Faith, orchestra boss Richard Wigley and conductor Robert Ziegler who all talk about their favourite film scores.

Off topic and very off color is Craig Ferguson on the Nerdist Podcast (This is not work safe)

Posters in B Movie Style

Tom Waits=Cookie Monster

Star Wars done real old school.

How Pixar wishes someone a Happy Birthday

A Great Collection of Lobby Cards

The real Picture of Dorian Gray

Terry Gilliam Teaches Animation

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