Sunday, September 18, 2011

NYFF 2011: Sneak Peak: Intimidation (1960) Nikkatsu Centennial

Press screening have started for this years New York Film Festival. As part of the Nikkatsu Centennial they are screening four films for the press, though several others are on DVD if you look.(A hint check back really late next Sunday night).

One of the films screened was Intimidation which is a super little film noir. Running a brief and perfectly timed 64 minutes this film really holds your interest and moves like the wind.

The plot has a well loved and morally upright sub-bank manager moving to the main office after not only marrying the presidents daughter but also doing great things for the bank. Its all a front of course which comes crashing down when he is blackmailed with his misdeeds and forced to try and get 3 million yen in two days. What happens is the film.

Expertly done, except for a final fade out gesture that doesn't ring true, this is one of the most perfectly made noirs you'll see. It may not be the best ever made over all, but it does what it does nicely and gets off. I can't say more than that because the film is so well done that to say more will spoil the surprises.

This is one to see. If you can't manage to get to the film festival screening it was just released as part of the Eclipse Series 28: The Warped World of Koreyoshi Kurahara box set from Criterion.

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