Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Yorker Festival and New York Film Festival tickets on sale soon plus Shut Up Little Man

Three quick notes

Tickets for this year’s New Yorker Festival go on sale at noon tomorrow. This is a grand annual festival with talks, films and performances in a wide range of subjects. You should check the site for details, but you should know that Steve Martin and David Cronenberg will be speaking and the films Anonymous and Coriolanus will be screening with the directors in attendance. Those not in the NYC area should be interested since several of the events will be streamed on the web. We at Unseen will be attending as many things as we can score tickets for and manage to get to when not dashing from this years New York Film Festival.

Speaking of which tickets for the NYFF go on sale Monday at 10am for the general public (they are on sale for members already). Yes I know it’s pricey, but there is a great deal of good stuff going on, especially in the special events and directors dialogs (Abel Ferrara and Wim Wenders are speaking). I suggest checking out the website and making plans getting tickets to anything that interests you. One piece of advice skip the galas and the open, closing and centerpiece films. They are a great deal of money for films that are coming out with in a couple of days or weeks of the festival.

Unseen will be covering the festival with a little less vigor than I had hoped. Mostly I had to reign myself in when I realized that I couldn’t afford the time or tickets for all of the events I wanted to see. Not to worry we’re still going to see a majority of the films so by the end you’ll have a good idea as to what’s worth your time and what isn’t.

Lastly I want to point out that the film Shut Up Little Man! Is playing on pay per view and is going to be hitting movie screens starting this week. This is the story of what happens when two young guys move to San Francisco and end up living next to two career alcoholics who fight all the time. They end up recording the bouts and passing them around between friends creating an underground sensation. A funny and enlightening documentary, it’s a look at the tapes, the people involved and the whole notion of audio verite. I’m working on a long review which will run after the NYFF, but for now, with the film about to be in theaters and now on pay per view I had to say go see the film.

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