Thursday, September 15, 2011

Electric Worship

Trippy 65 minute film collage of images with in images, ambient music mixed with dialog may send you off to higher consciousness or to slumberland or screaming from the room.

There is no plot there is just sound and image as we see images taken from TV, movies and else where all mixed together and altered in a series of parts that flow into each other. For example an early section kind of had a religious overtone. A later one has Japanese pin up girls morphing into monster toys.

Some images repeat. There are lots of references to Godzilla. John Saxon makes several appearances. There is a man with an eye patch from a film I’ve seen but can’t remember the name of. We also have a fascination with beautiful women turning into monsters.

I’m not sure what it means, but sitting in the dark just before bed I found myself forgetting the worries of the day and simply unwinding. There is something to trying to find patterns and meaning in something that ultimately that is meaningless that relaxes one. Actually the film becomes even more trippy after repeated viewings because you start to notice things at various times that you never saw before. The film effectively changes with each viewing.

And I should probably add that it’s also not for all moods and all demeanors. If you don’t like what amounts to abstract art stay away. Also if you’re not willing to give yourself over to 65 minutes of “random” images stay away as well.

When I’m in the right mood I love it. When I’m not I find it insufferable. Either way I think it’s worth seeing if you can find a copy

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