Friday, September 16, 2011

Agon:Atomic Dragon

One of my sleepy time films....

Agon is a four episode TV series that was edited together for release in theaters as a feature. It ran into trouble with the producers of Godzilla films who found the film a little too close to their creation.

I know the show is floating around in the various markets in a both subtitled and unsubtitled versions. I saw the episodes in unsubtitled form which was fine since the story of the sudden appearance of a giant monster rising up from the depths of the sea to lay waste is easy to follow.

I really like this “film” a great deal. As I said at the outset it’s something that I’ll throw into the DVD player when I can’t sleep. I pop it in, set it for repeat and then sometime about the first time that the monster rises out of the ocean I’m drifting off. This not to say that the film is bad, only that the film is so comfortable it relaxes me to the point I can sleep.

To me the film is one of the few films that is a worth successor to the original Godzilla film. Here is a film that doesn’t treat the subject as cute or for kids. Agon is a mean and nasty monster and he wrecks things mindlessly. There is an edge to the proceedings that all of the color Godzilla films don’t have.

Definitely worth tracking down. The film or episodes can be had from various collectors.

The opening credits can be found here.

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