Sunday, October 9, 2011

NYFF 2011: Marilyn, Bela and whats coming up- Unseen Films Centerpiece post.

The New York Film Festival is half over chronologically. The Festival began on September 30th and ends next Sunday. As you've seen we've been chugging along with reviews from even before it started. By my estimate we've seen 40 films and posted reviews for most, with more to come all through the next week.

How is it been? A tough slog. There has been a great deal of motion to and from the screenings, our day jobs,illness and some family obligations to deal with. The movies have been as you've seen.

I feel like Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now, looking for a mission at the start but hoping never to get another one by the's purely the exhaustion talking, because once you get past the tiredness it's been a blast, even when the movies have been less than spectacular.

There is more coming and as this final week starts and our schedule heats up I want to say a few things about whats coming.

First off early yesterday I went to the press screening of My Week With Marilyn, the story of what happened when Marilyn Monroe went to England to make the Princess and the Show Girl. I am going to write this up for Tuesday, but for right now you need to know that this is one of the best films of the Festival. It has a stellar performance by Michelle Williams as Monroe and a small, but brilliant turn by Emma Watson, who looks like she'll be the one to go super nova out of all the Harry Potter stars. I'll explain when I do the full review. Right now just put this on your must see list.

Wednesday I'll be writing up Bela Tarr's Turin Horse. Its another love it or loath it film from Tarr that had some screaming with joy while others were heading for the exits. I liked it on some level, but I don't love it. Check back really late on Wednesday to see what I have to say.

Tomorrow night I'll be reporting on the special Work In Progress sneak preview that everyone is talking about at the festival. They haven't said what it is though the speculation has been rampant (Girl with a Dragon Tattoo? Tin Tin? War Horse? Hugo? J Edgar?). The answer will be revealed tomorrow.

Also tomorrow we may have a report on Paradise Lost 3. I'm trying to find someone to cover this since I'm planning on going to the counter programmed preview.

After that we've got a few more press screening, plus Mott The Hoople, Abel Ferrara, Wim Wenders and Buckaroo Bonzai with the cast and Kevin Smith in the house. Reviews will posted as they happen...(and subject to conflicts like Comicon)

We're tired but we're soldiering on... Keep reading...and if possible go to a few things, This is Not a Film, My Week With Marilyn , Pina and some other great films are still to screen...

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