Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 99 Unbound (2010) — NYFF 2011

This feature film is the first four episodes of a TV show which is based on a comic book. The story has the possessors of the magic noor stones coming together to fight evil. There are 99 stones each of which give the owner some sort of power. The first episodes show how the groups first five members are brought together...and things are set in motion for the remaining episodes of the TV series (22 more for season one and however many that are in the now in production second season.)

As a superhero TV show this is a very well written show with real characters and no sign of the typical American cartoon stupidness. If writing and characters are enough this should run for a very long time. The problem is that the animation is very uneven computer animation that just seems really cheap at times. Its the sort of thing that Cartoon Brew and others rake of the coals as being poorly done. I'm not a fan and if I was just looking at the show on TV and not in a theater I would have just turned it off...which would have been my loss because the story gets better as it goes on.

This is a really good series and when it finally shows up on the Hub it's worth seeing.

Actually I should have said if the show shows up on the Hub since despite buying the series a year and a half ago they refuse to show it.


Because the 99 is based on the 99 attributes of Allah, which pisses off the right wing pundits in the media. Since the series, and the comic it's based on, are based on some Islamic ideas they say they are jihadist.

Of course it's not true. The comic and the TV series were started to counteract extremist ideas. The 99 is so anti-extremist that some Islamic fundamentalists are against it.

As the 99's creator Naif A Al-Mutawa said "My Characters are being judged my the color of my skin" and it's true. If I didn't tell you that the 99 was based on Islam you'd never know since there is no mention of it, and barely any mention of even nationality. It's simply good people fighting bad people for the betterment of mankind. Its all of your typical American superheros reconfigured and they can and do fit nicely with people like Batman.

Its sad that a few small minds are keeping us from seeing what is a great little TV show.

Do yourself and your kids a favor write the people at the Hub network and tell them you want to see this show. This is a really good show that will teach them to be better people all the while entertaining you and them.

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