Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puss in Boots (Childhood Productions) (Original Release 1955.US dubbed version 1967)

Though much better than yesterdays surreal version of the classic story, this version has it's own problems.

This version of the story has the three sons of a deceased miller dividing the estate,. Each gets 10 golden crowns. The oldest son, gets the mill, the middle one gets a donkey and the youngest gets a cat.

The cat can talk and he helps the youngest son make his fortune and win the hand of a princess, while the older son catches wind of the ploy and tries to take advantage for himself. There is also an evil wizard called Neversober.

Running an hour this is a breezy version that I remember seeing on TV as a kid. It's poverty stricken film that actually isn't bad even if the dubbing is beyond bad. Had this version been longer and not looked so cheap the film might have become a kids classic instead of an oddly timed curio...

...on the other hand the cat suit is really scary. There is something freakish about it that might put off kids in the audience from the get go if it doesn't cause out right nightmares. Freddy Krueger has nothing on this cat.

It's too short to really search out (unless you can find it for a buck) but its something you might want to inflict on your children or at the very least your movie riffing friends.

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