Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow White (Childhood FIlms version) (1955 originally- dubbed US release 1965)

German version of the fairy tale was dubbed into English and released to theaters by Childhood Films a decade later. This was one of a seemingly endless series of Fairy Tale films released for the kiddie matinee crowd in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

This version of Snow White is actually pretty good. Sure the sets are cheap, but the story telling isn't bad and aside from a few hiccups it's actually something I might show my niece.

The plot of the film starts before Snow White is born. Her mother is waiting for arrival. She then pricks her finger so the blood falls on the snow. See it she decides that she'd like a child with hair black like the night, lips red like blood and skin white like the snow. She dies in child birth and the baby, Snow White, is left to be raised by a new Queen who keeps her locked up because of her beauty. When the mirror tells the Queen that Snow White will become more beautiful then her she send the Huntsman out with Snow White with orders to kill her. The Huntsman tells her to flee.

I know I'm just recounting the story as we all know it, but as things go, there are differences such as the Queen trying several times to kill Snow White and failing.(There's a belt and a hair pin before the apple).

I like this version of the story. Its' not the same one we know from Disney, rather it's it's own beast with some nice dark turns.

Of course the film isn't perfect. There are problems, like some cheap sets, Dwarfs that are a mix of kids and little people and some costumes that are over the top.

Mostly if you forgive it's flaws this is an enjoyable 75 minutes or so.

Available in some bargain bins for a couple of bucks.

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